Avenge Mashal Khan! Support the PYA!

The PYA is continuing its campaign of protests against the gruesome murder of Mashal Khan, a left wing student activist falsely accused of “blasphemy”. The IMT and In Defence of Marxism support our Pakistani comrades in this. They need financial assistance to intensify their campaigning. Please donate generously to support their efforts.

The Progressive Youth Alliance is playing a very active role in the campaign of solidarity with Mashal Khan and his family. This Saturday (22 April), they are organising a convention of the PYA, dedicated to Mashal, and holding a rally afterwards. You can find the leaflet here and the poster for the event here. Activists from other cities are also attending this convention. They also have continuing costs for leaflets and posters in the campaign.

The right-wing reactionaries have big backers who provide huge sums. Our comrades can only count on workers and youth inside and outside Pakistan.Mashal Khan LeafletLeaflet made by the Progressive Youth Alliance in Pakistan

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