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Theses on Ukraine – 2014

Theses on Ukraine – 2014

Thursday, 3 February 2022 

Theses on Ukraine – 2014

The following theses were approved at the World Congress of the International Marxist Tendency, held between 29 July and 3 August 2014, in Greece. Despite the time that has elapsed, we believe that the core points of this analysis remain completely valid: its assessment of the situation in Ukraine; of the civil war in Donbas; of the character of the government that emerged from the Maidan events; the role of Russia and NATO, etc. The points explained within these theses are key to understanding the crisis that is currently unfolding.

Bangladesh: brutal repression of students met with country-wide solidarity

Police and state authorities in Bangladesh have once again resorted to brutal repression. Allied with thugs like the Chhatra League, they unleashed an attack against protesting students at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) in Sylhet. The students were protesting for basic demands and a representative body to look after their affairs in their hostel, but were met with police brutality unleashed by the university administration. The protesting students were beaten up on the campus, and attacked with stun grenades, tear gas and batons.

Britain: Paul Holmes victimised – fight for reinstatement!

Following a two-year witch-hunt, Kirklees Council has shamefully sacked Unison president Paul Holmes. This disgraceful act will embolden employers to go on the offensive against trade union activists. A titanic fightback is needed.

Marxismo versus posmodernismo: jugando al escondite con la verdad

El posmodernismo es una escuela de pensamiento filosófico amorfa que saltó a la fama en la posguerra. Comenzando como una tendencia marginal, desde entonces ha crecido hasta convertirse en una de las disciplinas dominantes de la filosofía burguesa, impregnando gran parte, si no la mayoría, de la academia de hoy en día. Aquí publicamos un análisis de Hamid Alizadeh y Dan Morley, el primero de una serie de artículos que analizan diferentes aspectos del posmodernismo desde una perspectiva marxista.