Alan Woods recently participated in the II International Meeting of Solidarity with the Revolution in Caracas, Venezuela. For this occasion El Topo Obrero, the journal of the Revolutionary Marxist Current in Venezuela, took the opportunity to interview Alan Woods about the revolutionary situation in Venezuela, the validity of Marxism, and the world situation today.

Last week Alan Woods visited Caracas to attend the Second International Gathering in Solidarity with the Venezuelan Revolution. He spoke at several meetings, putting the Marxist case, mainly to audiences of workers and poor people – activists of the Bolivarian Movement and the main protagonists of the Venezuelan Revolution. "I also had the opportunity to meet and talk with the President of the Bolivarian Republic, Hugo Chavez. As a writer and Marxist historian I am used to writing about men and women who have made history. But it is not every day that one has the opportunity to observe a protagonist of the historical process at close quarters, to ask questions and to form an impression, not from newspaper reports but from personal experience."