A diplomatic crisis has opened up between Mexico and Cuba. Mexico's Vicente Fox government has demanded the recall of the Mexican ambassador from Havana and ordered the Cuban diplomats to leave. The response of the masses was anything but favourable. Thousands demonstrated in Mexico, while a million marched through Havana. This has deepened the political crisis in Mexico and further undermined Fox and his right wing PAN government.

An appeal, drafted by the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign  and signed by the national leadership of the new trade union confederation UNT.  Use it to raise the issue of recognizing the UNT within the trade union movement internationally. Move resolutions at your trade union branches and congresses. You can use as a model the resolution passed at the Congress of the FIOM-CGIL Lombardia.

In spite of the blatant fraud of the opposition, the decision has been taken to go ahead with the recall referendum in Venezuela. This has disappointed some layers of the Bolivarian movement and enraged others. Many have gone along with it out of their loyalty to Chavez. The decision is a serious mistake. Jorge Martin looks at the what the movement should do now.