The attitude to revolution is the acid test for revolutionaries. Yet surprisingly many of those who call themselves Marxists have proved organically incapable of understanding the Venezuelan revolution or intervening in it. Two years ago, when the attempted coup against the Chavez government was defeated by the revolutionary movement of the masses, the response of most of the Left internationally was a deafening silence. Now the ultra-left have suddenly been getting hot under the collar - not about the Venezuelan revolution, but about the apparent opportunism of the Marxist tendency, gathered around this web site. Alan Woods points out a few elementary points that to any serious Marxist would be ABC.

The Marxists in Canada are launching a new website –, and a new publication – Fightback. We support their call for all Canadians who read In Defence of Marxism and agree with the ideas of the International Marxist Tendency to contact them and join their fight. We welcome Fightback and as new comrades in the struggle, and we are confident that they will become the key organisers for revolutionaries in Canada. We are publishing three articles from issue #1 of Fightback.

After nearly four years of attacks by the Gordon Campbell Liberals, British Columbia workers are fighting back. With the NDP in a position to win May’s provincial election, a major confrontation is set to take place between rank-and-file workers and the leaders of the NDP and labour movement. The task of the Marxists is to penetrate these organizations and sow them with ideas that can win.