Alan Woods at the XVIII Havana Book Fair

Alan Woods has launched his book "Reformism or Revolution" at the XVIII Havan Book Fair. Here we publish an English translation of the text that appeared in Granma under the title "Books confirm full validity of Marxism".

The validity of Marxism was confirmed today by the Welsh thinker Alan Woods, who presented at the XVIII Book Fair his book, "Reformism or Revolution, Marxism and Socialism of the XXI century. Reply Heinz Dietrich."

So far nobody has presented a system that summarizes better than Marxism, nor have they created anything more beautiful," said the author, who has published dozens of works on the subject, and is a professor and editor of publications of this nature.

Published by the Frederick Engels Foundation, who for the fifth time is exhibiting its collections at the event in Cuba, the text required a thorough investigation, including into the most recent criticisms of Marxism, and is aimed at being a part of the great debate now taking place in the world, says Woods.

He emphasized the superiority of Marxism, which has resurfaced after the debacle of the socialist camp in Eastern Europe and more recently of neo-liberalism, with a force that today is demonstrated by the growing sales of new and classic works on the subject, particularly in Europe.

Woods congratulated the Venezuelan people for the victory achieved on Sunday in the referendum to approve constitutional amendments.

This book, which is available at the Cuba 2009 International Fair, comes after the strong impact it had in Latin America, particularly in Venezuela, where it was praised by President Hugo Chávez.

Numerous books on Marxism, socialism and economics today in Latin America and other parts of the world, have been presented during this event, which continues until Sunday, the 22nd in the Park Morro-Cabaña, before touring the rest of the country.

Source: Granma (Official publication of the Communist Party of Cuba)