1917 The Soviet Union after the revolution

Title Created Date Author
What the Russian Revolution achieved and why it degenerated 27 January 2017 Alan Woods
The Truth about Stalin - a Reply to the Morning Star 08 November 2016 Alan Woods
In Defence of Lenin 21 January 2014 Rob Sewell
Lenin's Last Struggle 23 November 2011 Alan Woods
Wage differentials under Lenin and later under the bureaucracy 29 July 2011 Rob Sewell
Religion in the Soviet Union 17 April 2006 Paul Dixon
The Makhno anarchists, Kronstadt and the position of the Russian peasants in post-revolutionary Russia 17 November 2004 A. Kramer
A precious lesson from Trotsky on the Constituent Assembly and other matters 09 June 2004 Fred Weston
Kronstadt: Trotsky was right! New material from Soviet archives confirms the Bolsheviks' position 01 December 2003 A Kramer
Some fundamental questions on the policies of Lenin and Trotsky 07 November 2002 Ted Grant
The Revolution Betrayed - a Marxist Masterpiece 06 June 2001 Alan Woods
Marxism and art: introduction to Trotsky's writings on Art and Culture 14 December 2000 Alan Woods
In Defence Of October 27 November 1932 Leon Trotsky
Dialectical Materialism and Science 17 September 1925 Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky on Futurism 13 June 1924 Leon Trotsky
Literature and Revolution 11 April 1924 Leon Trotsky
The Fight Against Kaledin 12 January 1918 V.I. Lenin
Concerning the Expulsion from the Party of S. A. Lozovsky 12 January 1918 V.I. Lenin
Resolution Of The Council Of People's Commissars On The Rada's Reply To The C.P.C. 12 January 1918 V.I. Lenin
Fear Of The Collapse Of Tile Old And The Fight For Tile New 06 January 1918 V.I. Lenin