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Welcome to Marxist University! Here, you will find a treasure trove of books and articles by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and other writers in their tradition, covering the key theoretical questions for revolutionaries to study: from economics to the national question, from dialectical materialism to the role of the state. We also provide historical overviews and analyses of key events, organisations and movements in the class struggle.

We have curated the most essential material on all these subjects. If you have a particular interest in any area of theory, politics or history, these selected texts are the best means to advance your understanding. By rigorously educating yourself in Marxist theory, starting with the fundamentals, you will arm yourself with the tools to fight for a better world! 

We live in a period of profound crisis. Globally, the deep malaise of the rotten capitalist system is causing economic and social turmoil, resulting in unprecedented waves of protest and insurrection against the system. Millions of workers and youth are furious at the status quo, and looking for a way out.

The task of Marxists is to understand these dramatic events, draw the correct conclusions and point the way forward for the most politically conscious layers of workers and youth, winning them to the banner of socialist revolution. 

The ideas and method of Marxism are the basis of our analysis, perspectives and programme. A firm grounding in theory is similar to having a compass or map, which allows us to get our bearings amidst the turmoil of events, and draw out the main underlying processes that shape our world. Unlike the bourgeois and reformist analysts, who understand politics at a very superficial level (and direct a deluge of slander and falsifications against Marxism), theory grants us the advantage of foresight over astonishment.

But more than that, Marxist theory is the distilled experience of the oppressed and exploited classes. By studying history, and participating in the daily battles of the working classes all over the world, Marxists have developed analyses that allow us to understand capitalist society in all its dimensions. And only through this understanding are we able to change society. 

In addition to the texts freely available on our website, further books can be purchased in paper or ebook format from our publishing house, Wellred Books. If you find this material useful, please consider making a donation so that we can keep developing this important resource.

Marxist University is part of In Defence of Marxism: the website of the International Marxist Tendency, which has a presence in over 30 countries worldwide. With a lineage tracing back to the Fourth International, the IMT has always emphasised the importance of Marxist theory and education. As Lenin said: “Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement!” 

The short document, ‘Why we are Marxists’, provides a fuller introduction to the IMT and what we stand for. You can also read more about the origins of our organisation in Ted Grant's book The History of British Trotskyism. Finally, our two-yearly world perspectives documents offer detailed analyses of the developing world situation, and the tasks facing revolutionary Marxists.

If you agree with our programme, and the need to fight for revolutionary Marxist ideas within working-class and youth movements, see our contact page for details of how to join the struggle for socialism in your country!

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