Two letters of protest at the treatment of leaders of Abnaa elBalad

We have received these two short letters of protest at the treatment of the leaders of Abnaa elBalad, one from Israel and the other from Sweden.

From Israel:

Dear Sir.
I would like you to know that the terrible treatment that all the
Palestinians are suffering is dwelling on the conscience of many Israeli
Jews. It makes me personally ashamed and disgusted that we Jews who have
suffered so much discrimination throughout history have learned nothing from
that history and are behaving no better towards another oppressed nation
(whom we ourselves have oppressed) than we Jews have experienced.

In solidarity,
Mordachai Peargut

From Sweden:

Freedom to comrades of Abnaa elBalad! Freedom to all the Palestinian
political prisoners. The butcher Sharon and the Israeli state continue their
criminal politics. I protest against the treatment of Abnaa elBalad.
Comradlly Martin Lööf,

Student at the University of Gothenborg, and member of Left Party,