A Greeting from Abroad

"The 'Labour Woman' will give a loud and unfalsified voice to all the miseries and injustices capitalist exploitation and political rightlessness bestow on the working-class women"

Dear Comrades,

The little League Leaflet of 4 pages that we have known and appreciated for years, has by and by developed into the stately Labour Woman of 16, issued this month. What a noteworthy progress and what a hopeful May-Day message to the Socialist Women in all countries. A noteworthy progress indeed, on which we all abroad congratulate heartily our English sisters. We know the many particular and hard difficulties Socialist Women in England have to deal with in working and striving for our common great aim. And we know that they have to lean on their own forces in performing their duties as Socialists. Therefore the enlargement of the League’s periodical tells us quite a long story of never-failing labour, devotion, courage and enthusiasm; in one word, of all the social virtues of citizenship which the struggle for the emancipation of the working-class asks from women as well as from men. Still more: this step forward is the very proof, that in spite of the difficulties alluded to, progress is possible, the clear consciousness and firm will of Socialist women is overcoming them. Thus the success already gained is a promise and guarantee that in Great Britain too the Socialist Women’s Movement will develop and flourish.

In many other countries experience has shown that a Socialist women’s paper is a most fertile and powerful means to serve the Socialist cause. It is an intellectual and moral bond of unity between Socialist women. It is a beacon, throwing floods of light on the stormy waters and the rocks on the coast, and showing thus the dangers to avoid and the right ways to follow. Therefore we are quite sure that the Labour Woman will influence most favourably the development of the Socialist Women’s Movement in England. It will continue the good work of the League Leaflet, but on a broader basis and with greater means and forces. The Labour Woman will give a loud and unfalsified voice to all the miseries and injustices capitalist exploitation and political rightlessness bestow on the working-class women; to all the claims of bread, culture and rights, these women have to fight for, because they too are members of the great family of mankind and without their labour and drudgery, without the many duties accomplished by them, social order could not exist a single day. It will equally give a strong and clear voice to the dearest hopes of liberty, equality and fraternity for all, without difference of sex and nation, which Socialism has brought to the exploited ones, to all the light and knowledge which Socialism has taught them and is teaching every day. Thus the Labour Woman will help to concentrate the capacities and forces of Socialist Women for the manifold work they have to do in order to group working-class women round the Socialist banner and to render them capable by making less heavy their burden and by strengthening their intellectual and moral powers, to share in the high task of their class: the emancipation of the workers by the workers themselves.

For this work of the Labour Woman, the Socialist Women of all countries send best wishes. They are sure that they will find the paper as well as the league always with them. They hope that ere long they can greet the Labour Woman as a weekly.

But success to each step forward towards Socialism!

May 1913

Source: Marxist Internet Archive.