A financial appeal: help us build the Revolutionary Communist International!

In five days, the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI) will be founded. If you have not done so already, sign up here to participate in this historic event online. This new International will be a fighting organisation from the first day. And as Cicero once said, finances are the sinews of war. We therefore appeal to all those who want to see an end to capitalism to donate and strengthen the forces of genuine communism across the world by donating to the first historic fighting fund collection of the RCI.

The existential crisis of the capitalist system is shaking every country across the globe, without exception. The old tricks that the capitalist class has used in the past to delay the full impact of the crisis have been all but used up. Eye-watering levels of debt weigh on each nation.

The future of humanity is threatened with barbarism. Catastrophe after catastrophe have become the new normal for millions of people as the ongoing slaughter in the Middle East, the war in Ukraine, and the climate crisis are showing.

Capitalist ‘democracy’ is being exposed at every level. Every inch that this smiling mask slips from the face of the ruling class deepens the hatred and anger of the masses. The workers are beginning to enter the stage of history once more to fight back.

It is in these conditions that we are founding the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI), in order to unite the most advanced layers of the proletariat and the youth worldwide under the only banner that can secure victory in the class war by putting an end to this system: the banner of communist revolution.


The fall of the USSR showed the dead end of the Stalinist ‘theory’ of socialism in one country. Capitalism can only be done away with once and for all on an international scale. For this purpose, over 100 years ago, Lenin and Trotsky founded the Communist International, which was ignominiously wound up by Stalin in 1943 as a sop to Anglo-American imperialism.

It is time to retie the knot of history. Millions of workers and young people are grasping towards communism, and it is our duty to provide them with an International banner to gather under. To this end, the RCI, upon its launch, will have 26 full sections, and groups in more than 15 other countries, and supporters in many others. From the belly of the beast in the United States, to countries like Pakistan where grinding poverty, climate catastrophes and imperialist robbery are daily facts of life, this International will unite communists in struggle under the same banner to see the end of capitalism across the world.

However, we are only just beginning to realise the potential latent in the world situation. Our historic task is to build the world party of revolution, to rebuild the Party of Lenin, filling out its ranks with the young communists that are out there in every country, town and city, every campus and workplace.

We still have a mountain to climb, but the founding of the RCI is a vital step to meeting this task.

RCI banner

Material strength

Thanks to the effort and contributions of thousands of comrades across the world over several years, we managed to raise €2.5 million over recent years to buy an office, an international headquarters for world communism. This office is a monument, in bricks and mortar, to the power of our ideas, which inspired the great sacrifice of these comrades to raise the funds needed to purchase it.

With this office, the full-time apparatus is now able to fulfil its role as the nerve centre of the International without the risk of eviction, and with ample room to grow into.

The work of our International requires full-time revolutionaries to produce the articles published on our website and in our magazines, to produce new books on Marxist theory, and to translate this material into dozens of languages, as well as to give political guidance to communists in every country where we operate, enriched by the generalised experience of comrades around the world.

Our publishing house, Wellred Books, has already published a biography on Lenin and a collection of his writings on imperialist war this year. However, there is a wealth of unpublished material in our archives that contains a treasure trove for class fighters today. To publish this requires the expansion of the publishing house to have enough hands on deck to do so.

Furthermore, we are planning a major expansion in our audio and video production. Our international podcast – Spectre of Communism – has already produced 22 episodes covering a range of topics.

The World School of Communism will be the key event for the RCI as a whole. With 500 comrades attending in person, and thousands more tuning in remotely, the programme of the RCI will be discussed and shared on a massive scale. In order to ensure the participation of comrades outside of North America and Europe, the RCI has had to spend tens of thousands of euros on tickets and accommodation for delegations that could not afford the cost otherwise.

No billionaire backers

It is with these needs in mind that we have set a goal of raising a sum of €450,000 at the founding of the RCI.

Unlike the defenders of capitalism, we do not have billionaire backers – nor would we want them. We rely on the donations of thousands of workers and youth who agree that the only way out of this decrepit system is through communist revolution.

Can you donate to help us build the International on a strong footing? With the help of thousands of people like you, we can raise the banner of the RCI this June and let the world know that the forces of communism are gathering.

If you would like to donate, then you can do so by following this link: https://donorbox.org/build-the-revolutionary-communist-international

Join us

If you want more information about joining the RCI, fill in this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.