Title Created Date
La Manada affair reveals the rotten character of the Spanish state 30 April 2018
Jugada Crítica: La mujer y su lucha contra el sistema capitalista 12 March 2018
Huelga y movilización del 8 de marzo en España: “Casi una revolución” 12 March 2018
The origin and historical development of 8 March 09 March 2018
Spain: women's day strike “almost a revolution” 09 March 2018
Spain: 8 March feminist strike – what kind of strike do we need? 09 March 2018
Fight women’s oppression, fight capitalism! International Marxist Tendency statement, March 8 08 March 2018
Care work or domestic slavery? 08 March 2018
Lucha contra la opresión de las mujeres, lucha contra el capitalismo! Declaración del 8 de marzo de la Corriente Marxista Internacional 01 March 2018
Huelga Feminista del 8 de Marzo ¿Qué huelga necesitamos? 28 February 2018
Reading guide: women and the Russian Revolution 14 November 2017
LGBT: Liberation and Revolution 12 September 2017
Women before, during and after the Russian Revolution 10 March 2017
100 Years Ago, Women Sparked the Russian Revolution 08 March 2017
Violence against women – an international movement in search of revolution 06 March 2017
Women and Revolution in Pakistan (+ Video) 15 September 2016
Women’s emancipation: Hillary Clinton vs the class struggle 08 March 2016
Crisis of capitalism hits women workers hardest: whatever happened to women’s wage equality? 08 March 2016
[Video] Marxism and Feminism 30 June 2014
Women in First World War Britain: Exploitation, revolt and betrayal 07 March 2014

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