[VIDEOS / PICS] Spain: hundreds of thousands against austerity cuts on #29F

On February 29, hundreds of thousands of Spanish students and workers participated in demonstrations against austerity cuts. Here are some of the videos and pictures.

We have already published an article covering the day's events. As they say an image is worth a thousand words, so here are some picture galleries and videos which illustrate the massive character of the demonstrations and also the level of police violence in Barcelona:

- a good video summary of the protests in Barcelona, including the columns coming from different universities by Librered.net

- "La rabia del poble", video summary of the education protests in Barcelona - by 15mbcnTV

- video of the demonstration in Barcelona as it reached the stock exchange building and then the occupation of the Universitat de Barcelona Rectorate building - by hibridxfilms

- Barcelona: video of plain clothes police officers making an arrest and then protected by riot police

- Barcelona: video of police vans charging against the crowd

- Barcelona: picture gallery on Facebook of the education protests

- Valencia: video of the 60,000 strong student demonstration against cuts and police repression 

- Valencia: a very clever 1 minute video which records 40 minutes of the student demonstration at a fixed point

- Madrid: video of the student demonstration

- Madrid: video of the trade union demo in the evening - rap for the general strike by a young metal worker and the speech of the general secretary of CCOO calling for a general strike - by CCOO Madrid

- Sevilla: video of the trade union demonstration - by the Communist Party with emphasis on its block

- Zaragoza: picture gallery on Flickr of the student demonstration

- Castelló (Valencia): picture gallery on Flickr of the student demonstration and an aerial video of the same

 - Huelva: video of the evening demonstration called by the trade unions - by CCOO Huelva