$10,000 for the 5th Pan-American Cadre School of the International Marxist Tendency

From 30 November to 3 December, dozens of communists from across the American continent will be gathering in Mexico for the 5th Pan-American Cadre School of the IMT. We are expecting over 100 comrades from Canada, the US, Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina will participate in the school, which is being organised around the theme of the life and ideas of Lenin, marking the 100 anniversary of his death in January 1924. The opening rally will take place at the Trotsky House Museum in Mexico City and the rest of the school will be held at a residential venue outside of the Mexican capital.

The period that has passed since the last Pan-American School in 2019 has seen rapid growth of the IMT across the world, including in the American continent, with new groups having been established in Chile and Peru. The need to train and educate our cadres is more important than ever.

The costs of organising the school, including transport and accommodation, will be covered by the comrades in the Americas themselves, who have been collecting money from members and supporters. However, the cost of tickets from some of these countries is very high, and this is why we appeal to comrades elsewhere to give their assistance by making a financial donation. Our aim is to raise $10,000.

Help build the forces of Marxism in the American continent!

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