YFIS Pakistan Summer School

Report on the three day YFIS Pakistan Summer School held from the 18th to 20th of August held in Fort Munro, Baluchistan. Fifty comrades from all over the country participated in the event, discussing Marxism and culture, the theory of Permanent Revolution and the role of youth in revolutionary movements. Under the suffocating policies of inhuman exploitation carried out by the stooges of imperialism, the youth of Pakistan are forced to live a miserable life – it can even be said a life without life. Unemployment is soaring; education, health, sports and other basic necessities are far from reach and the role of traditional political parties is intensifying the already bad conditions of youth. Student unions have been banned for last 20 years and in most colleges and universities fundamentalist organizations backed by the state are playing the role of police in order to suppress the students. There is a burning need for an organization based on the ideas and programme of revolutionary Marxism to lead the youth and students out from this hell of capitalism. To meet this historical task, YFIS Pakistan held a three day national summer school on the 18th to 20th of August in Fort Munro, Balochistan. From all over the country fifty comrades participated and their average age was 20 years old.

Particpants at the YFIS Pakistan Summer School

The agenda of school was as written below.

August 18

First session: World perspective and role of youth. Lead off by comrade Hina Zain (National organizer of YFIS Pakistan)

Second session: Marxism and culture. Lead off by comrade Adil Khan.

August 19

First session: Theory of permanent revolution. Lead off by comrade Afaq

Second session: Organization (YFIS). Lead off by Yasir Irshad.

Singing the Internationale
Comrade Hina said that capitalism is engulfed in a worldwide crisis and every attempt of the ruling class to over come the crisis is intensifying it and also increasing the desperation of the ruling class. Therefore the ruling classes are using more brutal and aggressive measures to overcome this crisis and we are witnessing the worst forms of the brutality of imperialism in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Central Africa and in many other parts of world. The present situation of the world is the expression of the obsoleteness and incapability of capitalism. But there is another side of the world which the whole bourgeois media is criminally hiding - that is the emerging wave of the struggle of the masses against capitalism like the struggle of the workers and the youth of Venezuela and what is happening in Iraq. Although this is only the beginning we can see the role of youth in these movements, especially in the armed struggle in Iraq. Comrades it is our historical duty to organize each and every movement of masses and youth against capitalism and give them a clear orientation and socialist destination. But to accomplish this task it is necessary to build YFIS first of all here in Pakistan as a strong mass organization.

In all other sessions comrades discussed in detail all the points of the agenda and on the third day of the meeting the National Executive Committee took the following major decisions.

1 - in the last week of November the national convention of YFIS should be held in which the delegations from every province and district will participate.

2 - until the convention the formation of the structures of YFIS should be completed and educational institutions would be the focal points during this process.

There was great enthusiasm and the morale of the school rose gradually as it was proceeding. It was the first such school and such a successful experience that it was decided to continue it and also to adopt it on regional and provincial levels.

Two resolutions were unanimously passed, one in support of Venezuelan revolution and the second against the aggression of imperialism in Iraq and other countries.

The comrades then sang the Internationale, and with a firm determination to continue the struggle until the socialist victory the summer school was closed.

Long live the Socialist Federation of world.

Long live the working class of world.