YFIS Pakistan holds national executive committee meeting

Youth For International Socialism Pakistan held a National Executive Committee meeting on 13th July 2003 at the labour hall, Lahore. More than 30 comrades who are all organizers of YFIS in various regions and areas attended the meeting. Youth For International Socialism Pakistan held a National Executive Committee meeting on 13th July 2003 at the labour hall, Lahore. More than 30 comrades who are all organizers of YFIS in various regions and areas attended the meeting.

Comrade Yasir Irshad, who is the national organizer of YFIS Pakistan, opened the meeting and welcomed the comrades who had come from far and wide to attend this meeting.

In the first session comrade Huma (WAH) chaired the meeting while Comrade Ilyas Amin gave a tremendous leadoff on international perspectives in which he said that the prevailing destabilized situation of the world reflects the deep crises and failure of world capitalism. The rising brutality of American imperialism is throwing the world into more and more chaos. But the working class of the world understands the situation and is moving towards new upsurges and it is therefore the duty of the youth and students to build a mass Marxist organization to change this system of misery, oppression and barbarism. The youth must stand shoulder to shoulder with the working class and they must fight against this capitalist system. And he hoped that this meeting would play a vital role in turning the YFIS into a mass revolutionary force not only in Pakistan but throughout in the whole region.

National female organizer of PTUDC, comrade Sadaf Zahra described the experiences of her Austrian visit. She said that the visit to Austria was a great experience for her. She attended 30 meetings involving the youth and workers over there and learnt a lot. The youth not only in Pakistan but all over the world is quite enthusiastic and they really understanding the importance of Marxism and through the Marxist philosophy they want to change the system. They are uniting with the working class and this link shows the way to victory.

She also conveyed solidarity messages from the Austrian comrades for the Youth and working class of Pakistan.

In the second session of the meeting, the manifesto of Youth For International Socialism was discussed. Comrade Zahid Baloch (Rawalpindi) chaired this session while comrade Nadir Aafaq (Quetta) gave a detailed and superb leadoff on the newly launched manifesto in which we chalked out a brief programme for the youth and students of Pakistan. In his leadoff he explained the significant points of the manifesto.

The main points of his leadoff were as follows:

Explaining the need of YFIS he said that during the last two decades of deep reaction, the ruling class of Pakistan played the role of stooge of US imperialism. They brutally crushed the students unions and youth organizations and banned the political activities of the youth. As a result of this crime the whole youth was depoliticised and scattered. And therefore it is now our duty to provide the youth and students a source from where we not only give them ideas, perspectives and a strategy but also a way out to change this historically obsolete system. Therefore we launched YFIS in Pakistan. In the manifesto we give a brief programme for the solution of education and employment problems. We are also going to launch two campaigns to mobilize the youth and students to accomplish these tasks - through these campaigns we should not only build YFIS but also convey our programme to involve the youth of the country in YFIS on a large scale.

Third session was chaired by comrade Sajjad (Punjab university) and the organizational structures and reports were thoroughly discussed. Comrade Kashif Nawaz (Wah) gave the leadoff on the organizational structures. Discussing each and every aspect of the structures of YFIS he said that in this phase when we are going to give YFIS mass bases we must make some important changes in our structures in order to absorb the vast layers of youth and students into YFIS. While discussing the relations of YFIS with other organizations of youth he said that our relation with other organizations especially progressive organizations must be very friendly and cooperative.

We should not only concentrate on the quantity but also on the quality as well. We should build the youth leadership on the bases of revolutionary Marxist ideas.

Last session of the meeting was chaired by comrade Akram (Kasur) in which comrade Amir Latif (Baha ud Din Zakaiya University Multan) gave a leadoff on the campaigns which are going to be started in future by the YFIS Pakistan.

He said that unemployment and privatised education are the most burning issues of the youth and we should start these campaigns to educate the youth that unless we don't change the system these problems can never be solved. So we will arrange protests, demonstrations and agitation against umemployment and privatised education.

Ahmad Nawaz Wattoo who is the general secretary of the national workers party also attended the meeting and he said that he has been in the politics for a long time. Here, he said, he has experienced a marvellous standard of politicall development in this meeting, which has never been seen before. And he expects that YFIS in the future will attain its targets and lead the youth of the region towards the emancipation of the working class.

At the end Marxist MP and President of the PTUDC Comrade Manzoor Ahmad summed up the meeting by saying that this meeting of YFIS is in progress in a period when on one hand we see capitalism, due to its economic crises, brutally killing the innocent people of the Afghanistan and Iraq. And the working class is in deep unrest and mental torture due to these events. And on the other hand the working class is seeking a change to get rid off from their miseries, poverty and exploitation. The people who are sitting in this meeting are those who can play a decisive role in this situation. And he believes that YFIS has the courage and resources to become a mass youth organization based on scientific Marxist revolutionary ideas.

The following decisions have been made in the YFIS national executive
committee meeting:

1.The preposed manifesto of the YFIS Pakistan will be published after adding the proposals of the regional and Area organizers of YFIS Pakistan which they have made in the meeting for the manifesto.
2. To meet the target of building YFIS Pakistan at a provincial levels all the area bodies will call conventions and they will form City bureaus
3. Fast membership Campaign will be started to meet the target of inviting conventions and to make YFIS Pakistan a strong youth and student organization.
4. Raising the funds by YFIS members themselves will publish all the literature of the YFIS Pakistan and all the regions will contribute in finance collection.
5. YFIS Pakistan will launch campaigns against unemployment and privatisation of education and through these campaigns membership of the YFIS Pakistan will be increased and all the regions will prepare for a national convention, which will be called on 6th of November 2003.
6. The entire city bureau will establish units of YFIS in the schools, colleges and universities, which are situated in the localities of that city bureau.
7. All the above stated targets will be achieved will full zeal and zest and the regions and areas will cooperate with each other to achieve these target.