WWI & the German Revolution

WWI & the German Revolution

For the soldiers, the First World War was a seemly unending nightmare; for the civilians on the home front, especially the women, hardly less so. In the end large tracts of Europe lay wasted, millions were dead or wounded. The great majority of casualties were from the working class. Survivors lived on with severe mental trauma. The streets of every European city were full of limbless veterans. Nations were bankrupt — not just the losers, but also the victors.

This bloody conflict was brought to an end by revolution — a fact that has been buried under a mountain of myths, pacifist sentimentality, and lying patriotic propaganda. By 1917, in all the belligerent states, the discontent of the masses was growing. In particular the people of Germany were beginning to suffer food shortages that sparked off riots and mass strikes across the country. There were mutinies in the armies and navies of Italy, Austria, France, and Britain.

... The First World War was thus ended by the German Revolution.

— From WWI – Part Fifteen: How revolution ended the First World War

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