Blair has made it very clear where he stands on Venezuela. He is with the oligarchy of the rich parasites who for decades have oppressed the people of Venezuela. He is with US imperialism. We must make sure the workers of Venezuela hear another voice, that of British workers, youth, trade union activists who wholeheartedly support the Venezuelan revolution.

Last year Orlando Chirino, national coordinator of the UNT, was in Britain hosted by the Hands Off Venezuela campaign. He also attended the TUC congress where a historical resolution in support of the Venezuelan revolution was passed. Due to a technical hitch translation of the interview was delayed, but we are publishing it now as it gives a clear idea of the high level of debate within the Venezuerlan labour movements on such issues as workers’ control and socialism.

On Saturday, February 4, a truly gigantic demonstration in support of the Bolivarian Revolution marched through Caracas. The march was at least 12 kilometres long and revealed that the revolutionary élan of the masses is still alive and kicking. Chavez called for the arming of the people to face up to the danger of imperialist intervention. The coming year will be a crucial one if the revolution is to go forward and be completed.

During his speech to the recent World Social Forum held in Caracas, Chavez spoke several times about his idea of “socialism of the 21st century”. The fact that a prominent leader like Chavez even uses the word “socialism” is significant. It reflects the more general process unfolding in Venezuela and throughout Latin America.

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