Correo del Orinoco is a national daily newspaper in Venezuela run by left wing PSUV leader Vanessa Davies. The paper has a print run of 100,000 copies. In its edition on April 14 it published a full page interview with Pakistani Marxist Lal Khan.

The Venezuelan revolution is at a crossroads – either it proceeds to expropriate the bourgeoisie and do away with the bourgeois state or the right-wing reactionary oligarchy will start to gain ground and threaten all that has been achieved so far. In this context the PSUV is the key. It must adopt a Marxist programme. That is why the Marxists have launched Lucha de Clases (Class Struggle) as a tool for the transformation of the PSUV into a Marxist revolutionary party capable of leading the socialist revolution.

We are pleased to announce the new website and paper of the Venezuelan "Corriente Marxista International" (International Marxist Tendency). The paper and website are called "Lucha de Clases (Class Struggle) - Voice of PSUV Marxist workers and youth" (see front page). The comrades have actively participated in the debates taking place at the PSUV congress. The reason for the setting up of this new organisation was the sectarian drift of part of the leadership of the old CMR (Corrienta Marxista Revolucionaria). When a sizeable group of comrades started criticising these sectarian mistakes, they were bureaucratically expelled (including militants in the occupied factories Inveval, Gotcha and INAF).

April 11-13 marks 8 years since the revolutionary movement of the masses swiftly defeated the counter-revolutionary coup in Venezuela. It is worth re-reading this article by Alan Woods and Ted Grant, which was widely circulated amongst working class activists in Venezuela at the time and laid basis for the formation of the Marxist tendency. The tasks outlined at the end of the article remain, mostly, unfulfilled. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Venezuela

In the build up to the September elections, the right-wing opposition is preparing on several fronts. Economic sabotage is one of them, as are the manoeuvres on the part of right-wing elements within the Bolivarian movement itself. Meanwhile, all this is having a radicalising effect on the left.

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