The prestigious Venezuelan economic daily El Mundo recently asked Alan Woods to answer a questionnaire that raises some of the fundamental questions of the Venezuelan Revolution, including the economy and the question of property, the role of the working class and the bourgeoisie. We publish the English translation of the interview, which was published on 17 December. 

As well as answering the attacks of the right wing in Venezuela extensively last week, Alan Woods issued a press release, which was published in full today in Spanish by Vea, one of the main Bolivarian daily papers. We publish it here in English for our readers.

In January of this year an article appeared in the main bourgeois paper in Brazil that referred to me as “Chavez’s adviser”. A few weeks later the same story appeared on the frost page of the Venezuelan opposition paper Tal Cual, edited by Todor Petkoff, who wrote the article. I answered Mr. Petkoff at the time. But, as a cynical journalist once said: why let the facts spoil a good story?

The extensive article of the editor Alan Woods entitled "Where is the Venezuelan Revolution Going?" has caught the attention of thousands of people in Venezuela and around the world. In the ranks of the PSUV and the Bolivarian movement it has been met with an enthusiastic response for its Marxist standpoint, but on the other side it has raised the hatred of the Venezuelan bourgeoisie and their political spokespeople.

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