The elections being held today, October 7, 2012, in Venezuela are of immense historical significance. The results of this election will have a crucial impact not just in Venezuela and Latin America but far beyond its frontiers, on the consciousness of the masses and the dynamics of the class struggle. It is neither an accident nor a coincidence that there has been an enormous interest and attention in the outcome of these polls by the experts and strategists of the western imperialist world ruling elites and its media.

On Thursday the 4th of October, Hands Off Venezuela Denmark arranged a number of solidarity events with the Venezuelan revolution. In Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, a group of leftwing activists assembled in front of the Venezuelan embassy to show their support for the Venezuelan revolution and for the socialist president Hugo Chávez in the presidential election on Sunday, October 7th.

This is the first instalment of an analysis of the political situation in our country ahead of the 7 October presidential elections, and the development of the right-wing and PSUV [the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, of President Hugo Chavez] electoral campaign facing the real expectations of the workers and grassroots militants. This is a Marxist analysis.

The presidential election due on October 7 represents a decisive moment in the history of Venezuela. The outcome of this election will have a major impact throughout the continent and internationally. It goes without saying that the Hands Off Venezuela campaign is actively supporting the Bolivarian candidate Hugo Chavez and fighting against any attempt of the oligarchy and imperialism to sabotage the elections. The IMT stands firmly for the re-election of Hugo Chávez. Why have we taken this position?

This article, written by comrade Euler Calzadilla, demonstrates the position of the Marxist current of the PSUV, the Venezuelan sector of the International Marxist Current (CMI), on the issue of security. In the piece, Calzadilla analyses the root causes of the social scourge, causes which are generally almost never analysed by the bourgeois media, or in the majority of public media. As such, in this brief article, Calzadilla responds to the lies of the rightwing “majunche” on the issue of security and highlights the limits of the Bolivarian governments plan for disarmament and security, limits which emerge from trying to combat insecurity from within the framework of the economic and political capitalist regime.


In Defence of Marxism will be publishing irregularly over the holiday period, and will resume regular output on 1 September.

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