Title Created Date
Speech On The Nationalisation Of The Banks 27 December 1917
Draft decree on the nationalisation of the banks and on measures necessary for its implementation 27 December 1917
Speech At The Extraordinary All-Russia Congress Of Railwaymen 26 December 1917
Staff Salaries in Government Offices 26 December 1917
How to Organise Competition? 24 December 1917
Answers to Questions Put by a Workers’ Delegation of Alexandro-Grushevsky District 24 December 1917
Speech At A Meeting Of The Central Committee Of The R.S.D.L.P.(B.) December 24 (11), 1917 24 December 1917
Report On The Economic Condition Of Petrograd Workers And The Tasks Of The Working Class 17 December 1917
Manifesto To The Ukrainian People 16 December 1917
Speech Delivered At The Second All-Russia Congress Of Soviets Of Peasants’ Deputies 15 December 1917
For Bread And Peace 14 December 1917
The Conversion of Munition Works to Economically Useful Work 12 December 1917
Liability for Unfounded Accusations 12 December 1917
Demonstration Slogans 11 December 1917
Draft Resolution On The Provisional Bureau Of The Bolshevik Group In The Constituent Assembly 11 December 1917
Theses On The Constituent Assembly 11 December 1917
Outline of a Programme of Economic Measures 10 December 1917
The Question of Following a Socialist Policy in the Economic Field 10 December 1917
Material On The Agrarian Question (Foreword) 10 December 1917
Outline Programme For Peace Negotiations 10 December 1917

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