UNT activist meets Irish trade union leaders

During his trip to Dublin, Ricardo Galindez met with Jack O’Connor, President of the Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU), who committed himself to building stronger links between the Irish unions and the UNT in Venezuela.

Ricardo Galindez’s trip to Ireland over the weekend was a big success. Ricardo was a delegate to the founding conference of the Venezuelan UNT, a union that was built in opposition to the completely bureaucratised CTV that has gone over to the reactionary oligarchy in Venezuela. He is currently an official of the union and trade union adviser. The trip was part of Galindez’s speaking tour to build international solidarity with the Venezuelan Revolution.

During his 36 hour-long visit comrade Galindez met with some Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC) activists, who organised the Dublin part of Ricardo’s tour.

On the evening of February 5, Galindez, along with LASC and Hands Off Venezuela activists, visited Jack O’Connor, President of the Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU). During the two-hour meeting with O’Connor Galindez outlined the current situation in Venezuela. He analysed the revolutionary process and the situation the Venezuelan labour movement is facing. He explained that the workers are leaving the empty shell of the discredited CTV in droves and are moving into the UNT.

The CTV was closely associated with the bosses who were behind the 2002 coup attempt to overthrow Chavez. It is openly supporting the forces of imperialism rather than the interests of the Venezuelan workers. On this basis Ricardo explained the importance of recognising the UNT as the legitimate Trade Union Confederation in Venezuela.

O’Connor was also invited to visit Venezuela together with other trade union leaders so that they could see for themselves what is really happening in the country and see first hand the massive campaign of slander and lies which is being mounted against the Venezuelan revolution and the democratic and anti-capitalist movement represented by the UNT.

O’Connor was also asked to invite Venezuelan trade unionists to address the leaders and the rank and file of the Irish trade union movement. The two trade unionists expressed the importance and necessity of developing solidarity with Venezuela and weakening the positions of US imperialism and the transnational corporations that are seek to destroy the revolution. They also expressed the importance of strengthening workers’ struggles in different countries in order to defeat the common enemy.

O’Connor praised Galindez’s visit and promised to address the different bodies of the union with regards to Venezuela and analyse what exactly the SIPTU could do to defend trade union rights. He expressed his full support for the Venezuelan people and the referendum victory on August 15, 2004.

February 8, 2005


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