For those following US electoral politics right now, it is clear that the big business candidates are presenting their respective religiosities as credentials of a sort to prospective voters. The open pandering to the "faith vote" displays the cynical depths the representatives of the ruling class are willing to go to win votes. This is not simply a harmless phenomenon but a noxious indication of the rottenness of the system.

The vast majority of the 300 million people in the USA are workers and their families. Just as they have learned that if we band together at work into a union, where our strength is united into a single force, we can more effectively fight the boss, if we band together into a political party, created by and under the democratic control of the labor movement, we can better fight the government of the employers.

The U.S. election cycle is in full swing a full nine months before voters actually go to the polls on November 4th. On "Super Tuesday" registered voters in 24 states came out to vote in caucuses and primary elections.

Editorial for US Socialist Appeal 36: The campaign to elect the next President of the United States is in full swing. The Democratic and Republican primaries and caucuses have begun, accompanied by a media frenzy intended to make it seem as though there truly are significant differences between the candidates, and to distract working people from the pressing problems we face. As we go to press, the race to nominate the next presidential candidates of big business is still wide open. But the real question is, who will represent the working class majority of American society?

The Democrats have continued to support the Iraq War, and have colluded with the Republicans on many key matters. It is not a question of this or that individual. It is one of common class interests shared by both parties. We, the working people in the USA, need to begin the process of building our own political alternative.

A large part of the US arms industry is now openly backing Hilary Clinton for President, a further confirmation that there is no fundamental difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

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