The situation in the USA is one of increasing crises. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue to trail on, costing nearly $275 million per day. The situation at home is one of increasing unemployment and continual crisis in the housing and credit markets. US workers will be called on to go to the polls to elect a party of big business, but this era of crises will only serve to cause more people to question the world in which they live. Editorial for Socialist Appeal Issue 37.

Alan Woods' introduction to the latest book from Wellred USA. The book includes four Marxist classics: the Communist Manifesto, Socialism: Scientific and Utopian, State and Revolution, and the Transitional Program.  It is intended to introduce readers in the USA to the most fundamental aspects of Marxist theory. Available from Wellred USA.

Obama may well end up being the official Democratic candidate in the US Presidential elections. But what kind of an alternative is he? Luiz Bicalho, a leading member of Esquerda Marxista in Brazil, explains that Obama promises many things but remains a defender of capitalism. The answer is not Obama. The answer is an independent party of the US working class fighting to change society.

For those following US electoral politics right now, it is clear that the big business candidates are presenting their respective religiosities as credentials of a sort to prospective voters. The open pandering to the "faith vote" displays the cynical depths the representatives of the ruling class are willing to go to win votes. This is not simply a harmless phenomenon but a noxious indication of the rottenness of the system.

The vast majority of the 300 million people in the USA are workers and their families. Just as they have learned that if we band together at work into a union, where our strength is united into a single force, we can more effectively fight the boss, if we band together into a political party, created by and under the democratic control of the labor movement, we can better fight the government of the employers.

The U.S. election cycle is in full swing a full nine months before voters actually go to the polls on November 4th. On "Super Tuesday" registered voters in 24 states came out to vote in caucuses and primary elections.

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