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US Perspectives 2006 - The U.S. Economy

Written by Workers International League - www.socialistappeal.org Tuesday, 20 June 2006
Although the US economy is ostensibly growing at the present time, it is growth based on the super-exploitation of working people and the relentless extraction of both relative and absolute surplus value. This is a “boom” that feels a lot more like a slump.  When a “technical” slump comes at a certain stage, the effect will be even harsher. A recession is inevitable in the coming period so long as the capitalist system with its inherent cycle of booms and slumps continues to exist.

Bush and Co. Tighten Screws for Counter-Revolution

Written by Shane Jones in the USA - www.socialistappeal.org Friday, 16 June 2006
Hayden and Bush, a threat to the working classIn May the director of the CIA Porter Goss was forced to resign. He was then replaced by General Michael Hayden. This is no routine change. It is part of a wider operation. The US capitalist state is being tuned up before being thrust into battle again - both at home and abroad. In response to the developing upswing of the class struggle, this war machine is being tooled to confront the working class, oppressed, and poor of the world.

The Assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X

Written by Roland Sheppard Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Malcolm XWhy were these two outstanding leaders of the Civil Rights movement in the USA assassinated? Roland Sheppard witnessed the killing of Malcolm X in the Audubon Ballroom, on February 21, 1965. Here he delves into all the evidence that has been produced that clearly indicates that the powers that be had a concrete material interest in removing these two individuals from the political scene.


Why we are Joining the WIL

Written by the former members of Workers Action Wednesday, 31 May 2006
We're proud to reproduce this letter by four new comrades from San Francisco, in which they explain why they have decided to join the Workers International League.

Protest at Republican Candidate's Fundraiser Featuring Laura Bush

Written by Shane Jones Wednesday, 31 May 2006
On May 19th, protesters gathered outside a $500 a plate fundraiser dinner being held at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Providence, RI. The fundraiser was for Lincoln Chafee, the incumbent Senator, who was the only member of the GOP to vote against the war on Iraq. Chafee is not running primarily as an anti-war candidate, but rather as a "moderate" imperialist, with the aim of finishing up one adventure before embarking on another...

USA: the Statistics That Shock

Written by Michael Roberts Wednesday, 24 May 2006
Capitalism cannot provide a decent living to everyone, but as long as it guarantees significant layers of the population a reasonable standard of living it can maintain a degree of social stability. Recent figures on the situation in the USA show that “middle America” is beginning to feel the pinch, a phenomenon which indicates that social turmoil will soon be on the agenda.

The Soldiers of Solidarity & Lessons from Venezuela

Written by David May Thursday, 18 May 2006
As the important struggle of the rank and file "Soldiers of Solidarity" at Delphi continues, we can learn much from the experiences of working people across Latin America, a continent in the throes of a revolutionary process. The struggles of our brothers and sisters in Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, and Mexico are rich in lessons for the US labor movement.

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