We have received some brief updates on the situation being faced by the Tekel workers in Turkey. It clearly indicates the widespread support through Turkey for this struggle, but also the tough situation the striking workers are facing.

We have received this letter as an update on the situation of the struggle of the Tekel workers in Turkey. Due to their pressure, the Prime Minister and the Turkish Cabinet were now forced to take up this issue. At the same time the class consciousness of the workers is taking a huge step forward and the ideas of communism are gaining ground amongst them. The victory of the Tekel workers would not be only a victory for them, but a victory for the whole of the Turkish working class.

We publish here some of the solidarity letters we have received and passed on to the Tekel workers in Turkey. The courageous struggle has now gone on for 46 days and put huge pressure on the Turkish government. The letters from workers and trade unionists from all over the world are a great source of inspiration in order not to give in but fight until the victory. Please keep on sending them!

The protest of the Tekel workers is lasting for more than 40 days. Because of their consistent pressure the Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has now decided to meet up with the trade union tomorrow evening. The hunger strike has now been postponed until Friday, pending on the results of the meeting with the Prime Minister.

We have received further news about the Tekel workers in Turkey. As a result of their determined struggle trade union confederations have pledged a general strike if the government fails to meet their demands by January 26. This marks an important step on the road to winning this dispute. Please keep on sending solidarity messages!

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