Title Created Date Author
Trotsky’s suppressed letter: an introduction by Alan Woods 01 February 2019 Alan Woods
Origins of Trotskyism 06 September 2018 Rob Sewell
[Book] Ted Grant - The permanent revolutionary 20 July 2016 Alan Woods
Ted Grant - The Permanent Revolutionary. Chapter Four: In Defence of Trotskyism 23 May 2014 Alan Woods
Ted Grant: the unbroken thread of Marxism 09 July 2013 Rob Sewell
[Video] Alan Woods on Ted Grant - his life and ideas 09 May 2013 Alan Woods
[Book] Ted Grant Writings: Volume Two 20 July 2012 Ted Grant
[Book] Ted Grant Writings: Volume One 21 July 2010 Ted Grant
[Audio] Trotsky's Writings of the 1930's 20 March 2009
Leon Sedov – 70 years since his murder 15 February 2008 Rob Sewell
Ted Grant recalls the impact of Trotsky's death 18 August 2006 Ted Grant
[Book] History of British Trotskyism 09 July 2006 Ted Grant
Trotskyism in May 1945: Down with the Churchill Coalition! Labour to Power on a Socialist Programme! 15 April 2005 Rob Sewell
The Trotskyists in Stalin's concentration camps - An eyewitness account of the strike at Vorkuta 15 December 2004 MB
The theoretical origins of the degeneration of the Fourth - Interview with Ted Grant 12 October 2004 In Defence of Marxism
History of British Trotskyism 14 April 2004 Ted Grant
Death of Al Richardson 27 November 2003 Rob Sewell
Wang Fanxi - Chinese Trotskyist, 1907-2003 15 January 2003 Rob Sewell
The Origins of British Trotskyism 12 August 2002 Rob Sewell
British Trotskyism in the Second World War 15 July 2002 Ted Grant
Into the Whirlwind: Trotskyism in the 1930s 01 June 2002 Rob Sewell
[Ted Grant] In Defence of Trotskyism 19 June 1988 Ted Grant
How Trotsky and the Trotskyists confronted the Second World War 07 September 1985 Pierre Broué
[Ted Grant] Once Again Setting the Record Straight—A Reply to M. S. 26 February 1947 Ted Grant
[Ted Grant] Wainwright Blunders Again On The Chinese Revolution 09 February 1943 Ted Grant
[Ted Grant] Wainwright and Doriot — Birds of a feather 02 December 1942 Ted Grant
[Ted Grant] New allies of Communist Party 14 September 1942 Ted Grant
[Ted Grant] Daily Herald - A Public Statement, not a Private Admission 21 July 1941 Ted Grant