Thank you for your support!

The Ted Grant centenary appeal has reached its target. Over the past six months, we have raised €2,345. This has given us a good base on which to begin the new year.

Since we launched the appeal, the world situation has become even more volatile. The overthrow of Morsi by the masses of Egypt sent shock waves all over the world. The revelations of Snowden have rocked the diplomatic establishment and US imperialism has shown its impotence in Syria. The continued attempt to make the European workers and youth pay for the crisis has provoked further mass movements in southern Europe. It is clear that the ground is being prepared for revolutionary developments all over the world. We need to prepare the forces of Marxism for these events.

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the appeal. We have had a total of 34 donations from at least 12 different countries. The largest donation of £750 came from FA from Brazil. This is a very substantial donation and roughly coincides with the cost of one trip to Latin America by a member of the editorial team. Five comrades donated in the range of £100-150. Those were TM (£150), AM (total of £100), AB (£100) and AS (£120) from the UK and PW from Australia (£100). All together they make £470 which is more or less the cost of one year of web server rental.

We also got three donations from Greek comrades DV (£80), GD (£20) and GA (£10). This in spite of the ever worsening economic climate in Greece. From Spain, another country badly affected by the crisis, we got £50 from comrade JMV and we got £40 from comrade VE from Portugal. From Ireland came a donation of £20 from MV.

The largest number of donations came from the UK with 12 donations, including the aforementioned. We'd like to thank comrades R (£5), MG (£10), JD (£10), GB (£20), JD ($20), SB (£55) and JM (£10). Together make up around £110. From the Netherlands we got a total of £137 from various comrades, including ZM and AJL. From Denmark came £70 from comrade JMF and from Sweden £8 from ME.

From North America came four donations. Comrades JH ($10), RA ($20) and RV ($50) from the US contributed a total of $80 and comrade RM from Canada donated $10. Finally comrades CG, MH and HM donated £10, £10 and $10, respectively, but we have been unable to guess where they are from.

We'd like to once again thank all of you who contributed and for those of you who didn't have a chance, there will be many more opportunities in the coming year to invest in a socialist future.