Urgent: Tali Fahima in GSS interrogation again - Court Hearing in Tel-Aviv cancelled

We have just received this latest update on the situation Tali Fahima is facing in an Israeli jail. It confirms what we said back in September. It shows how the Israeli state deals with anyone – even if they are Jewish – who dares to take up the plight of the Palestinians in the refugee camps in a serious manner.

On December 5, peace activist Tali Fahima, who has been under administrative detention for the last three months following a month of interrogation at GSS (Shabak), was suddenly taken to the courthouse at Ashdod, where the GSS asked for a further arrest of Tali for interrogation.

Tali Fahima stated in front of the judge that during her previous interrogation at GSS she was subjected to abuse including sexual harassment, painful cuffing, and sleep deprivation. The judge, who did not say anything in relation to Tali’s statement, approved Tali’s arrest at the GSS for 11 days.

Due to this the court hearing at Tel-Aviv concerning the continuation of Tali’s administrative arrest, which was to take place yesterday (December 6), has been cancelled.

Another hearing at the courthouse in Ashdod is to take place on December 16.

Updates will follow.