Title Created Date Author
Luxemburg, Liebknecht and the German Revolution 15 January 2019 Marie Frederiksen
[Video] Rob Sewell launching 'Germany 1918–1933: Socialism or Barbarism' in Sweden 11 January 2019 In Defence of Marxism
The German Revolution of 1918 12 November 2018 Rob Sewell
Alemania: Luxemburgo y Liebknecht conmemorados en Berlín 07 February 2018 Hans-Gerd Öfinger
Austria: “Let’s make it like in Russia” – 100 years since the January 1918 general strike 23 January 2018 Gernot Trausmuth
Germany: Luxemburg and Liebknecht commemorated in Berlin 20 January 2018 Hans-Gerd Öfinger
Rosa Luxemburg – Reform or Revolution 15 January 2018 Alan Woods and Niklas Albin Svensson
Order Prevails in Berlin (1919) 15 January 2018 Rosa Luxemburg

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