Title Created Date Author
Denmark: 2019 will be the year of the Revolutionary Socialists 15 April 2019 Revolutionære Socialister
2019 national conference of Swedish Marxists marks important advances 05 April 2019 Sebastian Ingvarsson
Revolutionary congress in Pakistan: a marvellous event 01 April 2019 Lal Salaam
Britain: Socialist Appeal conference 2019 – building the Marxist voice of Labour and youth 22 March 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
15 March: global climate strike shows youth radicalisation 19 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Serbia: government and opposition defend status quo 15 March 2019 Zvonko Dan
Iran: Exit Theatre organises successful meeting on the ideas of Karl Marx 04 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Pakistan: students mobilising in Multan and other cities despite threats 21 February 2019 Progressive Youth Alliance
International solidarity campaign for Rawal Asad continues 21 February 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: Marxist Student Federation on the rise 20 February 2019 Marxist Student Federation (UK)
Nigeria: CWA organises successful symposium in Ibadan 20 February 2019 CWA
Canada: Marxist Winter School 2019 – reclaiming the heritage of Rosa Luxemburg 19 February 2019 Fightback
Packed London meeting says: “US-UK, hands off Venezuela!" 31 January 2019 Hands off Venezuela
Germany: militant march commemorates 100 years since Luxemburg-Liebknecht murder 19 January 2019 Oliver Brotherton
Britain: Marxist Student Federation conference 2019 – the fight for socialism today 11 January 2019 Marxist Student Federation (UK)
Pakistan: revolutionary youth continue their struggle, despite state repression 19 December 2018 Progressive Youth Alliance
Switzerland: second Francophone international school a success! 06 December 2018 l'etincelle
Mexico: Alan Woods discusses English Revolution at the Leon Trotsky Museum 26 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
Mexico: Alan Woods discusses 200 years of Karl Marx at the Leon Trotsky Museum 22 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
Mexico: Alan Woods speaks about world capitalist crisis at Leon Trotsky House Museum 19 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
USA: NYC Marxist School launches The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism 14 November 2018 Socialist Revolution (USA)
Sweden: successful Marxist school – an important milestone 08 November 2018 Zara Henriksson and Julia Blixt
Switzerland: Revolution 2018 – a festival of Marxist theory 26 October 2018 Flo Degen
Britain: Revolution Festival 2018 – Marxists confident for the struggles ahead 23 October 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain: Revolution Festival 2018 begins today – watch the live stream! 19 October 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Britain: Revolution Festival 2018 – less than a week to go! 16 October 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Pakistan: Marxist School (summer) a big success 27 August 2018 Progressive Youth Alliance
IMT World Congress 2018: retying the knot of history 07 August 2018 Ben Curry
US IMT Congress 2018: fighting for socialism in our lifetime! 31 May 2018 Socialist Revolution (USA)
Canada: important public meeting on sexual revolution in the Soviet Union 31 May 2018 Marissa Olanick and Jessica Cassell