Title Created Date Author
Croatia: TOKG – five examples of betrayal by an anti-worker union 02 April 2019 Radnički Portal
Bosnia: a cry for justice – the rebellion against Dodik’s autocratic regime 21 March 2019 Dejan Prodanović
Serbia: government and opposition defend status quo 15 March 2019 Zvonko Dan
Bosnia: Police crack down on protesters 26 December 2018
Albania: 50,000 students on the streets against corruption and injustice 17 December 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Class struggle intensifies in “Serbian Detroit” – the strike at Fiat-Chrysler 04 July 2017 Filip Sacirovic and Srdjan Boric in Serbia
The strike of the FIAT-Chrysler [FCA] workers in Kragujevac (Serbia) 03 July 2017 Roberto Sarti, Editorial Board of Rivoluzione
Macedonia – Dead end of liberal democracy 24 June 2016 A. Atevik, D. Lutovski, A. Jovanchevski
Serbia: Election Fraud or Fraudulent Elections? 26 May 2016 Filip Sacirovic
Yugoslav Marxists issue their first publication! 19 October 2015 “Crvena kritika” editorial board
Refugees' struggle and working class solidarity at the gates of the EU - 3 days in Horgos 23 September 2015 Filip Sacirovic
Which way forward for the mass movement in Macedonia? 19 May 2015 Jakup Güven
Macedonia: Mass protests against government cross national divisions 14 May 2015 Jakup Güven
Macedonia: Brief analysis after the terrorist attack in Kumanovo 14 May 2015 Dejan Lutovski and Petar Čurić
Bosnia: DITA workers in Tuzla have occupied their factory! 20 April 2015 Seudin Kovačević
Revolutionary Upheavals in the Balkans 21 February 2014 Predrag Kovacevic
Bosnia – A New Stage in the European Revolution 14 February 2014 sandro tsipouras
Class struggle in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Casus belli for major social unrest in Croatia? 12 February 2014 KV
Proclamation of support to the revolt in Bosnia and Herzegovina 10 February 2014 In Defence of Marxism
Bosnia-Hercegovina: Revolt puts class struggle back on the agenda 10 February 2014 Crvena Kritika
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Old trick of divide-and-rule doesn’t work any more 13 July 2012 Filip Sacirovic
Serbia: The Death of the Zastava auto plant 08 February 2011 Goran M
Bosnia: Declaration of the new Young Bosnia 31 January 2011 the “Young Bosnia” organisation
Serbia: FIAT car workers’ leader speaks out 17 December 2010 Crvena Kritika web magazine,
An appeal to the revolutionary socialists and communists of Bosnia 13 November 2009 M. Majevica
Slovenia: 145,000 workers mobilise in national strike over wages 21 March 2008
Home Thoughts From Abroad - A Kiwi in Slovenia 21 March 2008
Serbian bourgeoisie raises the level of national hatred 25 February 2008
After Kosovo’s breakaway - right-wingers ravage Belgrade 18 February 2008
Serbia and Kosovo: the Balkan powder-keg could flare up again – Part Two 17 December 2007 Goran M
Serbia and Kosovo: the Balkan powder-keg could flare up again – Part One 14 December 2007 Goran M
Massive workers’ rally in Slovenia – threat of a general strike to come 22 November 2007
Croatia - Imperialism and the case of general Zagorec 16 April 2007
Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade occupied by protesting students 25 January 2007
First steps of the workers’ movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina 15 November 2006
Croatia in the period of relative economic stability 15 November 2006
The political platform of the Croatian Young Socialists 06 October 2006
Montenegro – A Capitalist Inferno 03 July 2006
The role of Slobodan Milosevic in the break-up of Yugoslavia 15 March 2006 Goran M. in Belgrade
Despite the snow – mass protest of workers and students in Slovenia! 06 December 2005
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Communist fired from University for Political Activities! 23 March 2005
A Curse Over The Balkans? 19 January 2005 Goran M. in Belgrade
Slovenia: Workers Strike at Comet Factory 15 April 2004
Kosovo – workers have no interest in nationalist conflict 23 March 2004 Goran M. in Belgrade
A Curse Over The Balkans?: Nationalism and War in ex-Yugoslavia 20 March 2004 Goran M. from Belgrade
Once more Kosovo 19 March 2004 Fred Weston
Presidential elections in Serbia - Nothing New... Situation Still Very Explosive! 24 November 2003
Workers' struggles in Bosnia and Herzegovina 15 November 2003
Serbia - the firecracker at the centre of the Balkan powder keg 13 March 2003
State education in Yugoslavia - Achievements and Problems 03 March 2003