Title Created Date Author
Austria: snap elections and political explosions 21 May 2019 Emanuel Tomaselli
Austria: class polarisation on the rise 24 January 2019 Emanuel Tomaselli
Austria: large meeting of young socialists at Karl Marx seminar 2018 09 February 2018 Edgar Sait-Jones and Nick Oung
Austria: manifestación masiva contra el gobierno de la derecha 02 February 2018 Florian Keller
Austria: “Let’s make it like in Russia” – 100 years since the January 1918 general strike 23 January 2018 Gernot Trausmuth
Austria: massive demonstration against right-wing government 17 January 2018 Florian Keller
Austria: “bring down the government and struggle for socialism!” 21 December 2017 Emanuel Tomaselli
Vienna: Enthusiastic meeting celebrates October Revolution 31 October 2017 Der Funke
Austria enters a new normality 09 December 2016 Emanuel Tomaselli
Austria: All-new personnel as political crisis persists 14 June 2016 Emanuel Tomaselli
Political Earthquake in Austria 29 April 2016 Emanuel Tomaselli
Wave of indignation sweeps across Austria as refugee crisis intensifies 02 September 2015 Emanuel Tomaselli
Austria: Red-Blue - What next? 24 June 2015 Der Funke - Austria
Austria: Organize the Rage 24 June 2015 Der Funke - Austria
Austria: Pegida dealt humiliating blow by Marxist led counter-protest 26 March 2015 Florian Keller
Austria: Succesful Pfingstseminar 2014 - Marxism and Solidarity on the agenda 11 June 2014 Der Funke - Austria
Vienna: Thousands take to the streets against reactionaries 12 February 2014 Emanuel Tomaselli
Austria: Thousands of school students on strike 13 December 2013 Rebellion (Austria)
May Day in Austria 02 May 2013 Emanuel Tomaselli
Jura Soyfer – writer and revolutionary 10 December 2012 Ruth Kreuz
14N in Austria – Trade union leaders are not up to the tasks 15 November 2012 our correspondent in Vienna
Austrian metalworkers defend collective bargaining rights 21 September 2012 Gernot Trausmuth
Austria: Crisis, cuts and class conflicts 16 November 2010 Gernot Trausmuth
Austria: Successful conference of the SPÖ-Left 14 April 2010 Der Funke Editorial Board
“The universities are burning” – huge student mobilisations in Austria 10 November 2009 Gernot Trausmuth in Vienna
Austria: Interview with Lukas Riepler, Vorarlberg Young Socialists chairperson, and candidate in the provincial elections 17 September 2009
Austria: Spring awakening (Part Two) – 60,000 school students on the streets all over the country 27 April 2009 Der Funke
Austria: Spring awakening in Vienna – 15.000 march against the crisis 31 March 2009
The February 1934 Austrian Uprising and the weaknesses of “Austro-Marxism” 27 February 2009
Austria after the elections: the only way forward is an SPÖ minority government 30 September 2008
Austria: Change the policy, not the faces 11 July 2008
Austria and Eastern Europe: Go East, where the skies are blue 20 June 2008
Join the Party! – Hundreds celebrate 90th anniversary of Russian Revolution in Vienna 13 November 2007
Austria: The witch hunt against the Marxist current Der Funke continues 31 July 2007
Mayday in Vienna: “Fight don’t topple” 04 May 2007
Stop the witch-hunt against Marxists in the Socialist Youth of Austria! 25 April 2007
New government in Austria begins by clashing with the labour movement 19 January 2007
Big Success for Marxism at the national conference of the Austrian Young Socialists! 23 November 2006
Bush visit to Vienna provokes mass protest against imperialism and war 23 June 2006
In a meeting with Chavez and Morales - Debate over socialism at Alternative Forum in Vienna! 16 May 2006
May Day 2006 in Austria 02 May 2006
Vienna Students’ Parliament stands in solidarity with the demonstrations in France 05 April 2006
Austria: successful student strikes for free education 21 October 2005
Student mobilisations in Austria - Defend the right to education! 05 October 2005
Picket in solidarity with Cipla/Interfibra workers in Vienna 20 July 2005
1945 – 2005: Never again! 09 May 2005 Gernot Trausmuth in Vienna, of the editorial board of Der Funke
A Clockwork Orange – Time is running out for Austria’s right-wing coalition government! 20 April 2005 Editorial Statement of Der Funke
Austria: Whose street? Ours! - Balance sheet of the anti-fascist demo in Vorarlberg 28 February 2005 Der Funke
February 12, 1934 - 70 year anniversary of the Austrian uprising 12 February 2004
The strike of the Austrian railway workers – a taste of things to come 24 November 2003