Title Created Date Author
Austria: class polarisation on the rise 24 January 2019 Emanuel Tomaselli
Austria: large meeting of young socialists at Karl Marx seminar 2018 09 February 2018 Edgar Sait-Jones and Nick Oung
Austria: manifestación masiva contra el gobierno de la derecha 02 February 2018 Florian Keller
Austria: “Let’s make it like in Russia” – 100 years since the January 1918 general strike 23 January 2018 Gernot Trausmuth
Austria: massive demonstration against right-wing government 17 January 2018 Florian Keller
Austria: “bring down the government and struggle for socialism!” 21 December 2017 Emanuel Tomaselli
1945 – 2005: Never again! 09 May 2005 Gernot Trausmuth in Vienna, of the editorial board of Der Funke