Title Created Date Author
Red Front Congress 2019: revolutionary optimism at the best-ever congress of Polish Marxists! 09 May 2019 Czerwony Front
Poland: teachers' strike betrayed by trade union leaders 27 April 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Militancy grows over first week of Polish teachers' strike 16 April 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Poland: a historic strike is being prepared 04 April 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Mayor’s assassination reveals Polish capitalism’s impending crisis 21 January 2019 Henryk Kozlowski
Polish government clashes with the EU: class struggle on the horizon 08 August 2018 Ben Gliniecki and Maciej Krzymieniecki
December 1970: When Polish workers’ revolt threatened Stalinist rule 26 December 2017 Maciej Krzymieniecki
La revolución polaca de 1918-1920: ¿Qué sucedió y por qué fracasó? 22 November 2017 Maciej Krzymieniecki
The Polish Revolution of 1918-1920: What happened and why did it fail? 06 October 2017 Maciej Krzymieniecki
Polish state targets left-wing activists 11 July 2017 Maciej Krzymieniecki
Women’s rights, class struggle and building the forces of Marxism in Poland 05 April 2017 Maciej Krzymieniecki
Pro-democracy protests - early signs of what lies ahead for Poland 22 December 2016 Ben Gliniecki
Polish women strike back at church and state over abortion 07 October 2016 Ben Gliniecki
Populism, authoritarianism and constitutional crisis in Poland 13 May 2016 Ben Gliniecki
Polish parliamentary elections: Civic Platform booted out amidst anti-establishment mood 02 November 2015 Ben Gliniecki
The rockstar and the right-wing: anger surfaces in Polish presidential election 23 June 2015 Ben Gliniecki
Poland’s Golden Age of Scandal and Corruption 21 July 2014 Ben Gliniecki
100,000 on the streets of Poland: “Part-time jobs, full-time exploitation” 18 September 2013 Ben Gliniecki
Poland: Stagnation and Strikes Warn of Stormy Seas Ahead 30 May 2013 Ben Gliniecki
Polish Government in Crisis 03 September 2007
Understanding the Polish Situation 17 August 2007
Crisis of the Polish right 04 July 2007
Belarusian elections – time for changes… but what kind of changes? 21 April 2006
Polish Elections 2005: Shift to the right in the polls, shift to the left on the streets 04 October 2005
Anti-war demonstration in Warsaw, Poland: Big thirst for ideas as the movement develops 25 March 2003 In Defence of Marxism
The economic and social processes that led to the revolt of the Polish workers in the early eighties 10 October 2001