European Union

Title Created Date Author
Britain's Brexit purgatory - will it ever end? 11 April 2019 Adam Booth
Euro crisis: the beginning of the end? 03 December 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
Italian debt crisis haunts Europe 13 November 2018 Fiona Lali
Britain: Brexiteer revolt leaves government in the balance 09 July 2018 Josh Holroyd
Germany: ruling class split over immigration 05 July 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
Italian crisis deepens and threatens to engulf Europe 28 June 2018 Fred Weston
The migrant crisis and Fortress Europe 22 June 2018 Joan Claravall
Britain: May's Brexit paralysis brings emerging splits to the fore 16 February 2018 Josh Holroyd
Is The Time Ripe For The Slogan: ‘The United States Of Europe’? 17 October 2017 Leon Trotsky
Brexit: a picture of Europe's future 17 October 2017 Josh Holroyd
Britain: Once again – Why Marxists should be in the Labour Party 18 September 2017 Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal
Britain: Labour's EU-turn 07 September 2017 Stephen Agnew
The rise of the ''slave market'' in Libya and the hypocrisy of the EU 15 June 2017 Meisam Sharifi
Tory Brexit begins - fight for a socialist Europe! 30 March 2017 Socialist Appeal (Britain)
[Video] Turbulence and instability - The state of World Capitalism 26 January 2017 Fred Weston
The North of Ireland: Scandals, Brexit and spiralling crisis 26 January 2017 Ben Curry
May's Brexit fudge - "Putting off the evil day" 19 January 2017 Josh Holroyd
Britain: "Train-crash" Brexit and the tensions in Whitehall 06 January 2017 Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal
[Video] The Socialist Alternative to the European Union 14 June 2016 Alan Woods
The crisis in Europe - Part two: Fortress Europe under siege 22 February 2016 Josh Holroyd
The crisis in Europe - Part one: 2016 - another year of European austerity 15 February 2016 Josh Holroyd
Schengen suspension - latest stage in crisis of European Union 08 February 2016 Ben Peck and Fred Weston
[Video] The European Crisis: past, present, and future 27 October 2015 Josh Holroyd
­The meaning of the European elections 29 May 2014 Alan Woods
European elections: Tsipras and the illusions of the reformist left 07 April 2014 Claudio Bellotti, member of National Executive of Rifondazione Comunista
European crisis deepens 01 May 2012 Rob Sewell
[Video] Alan Woods on the euro crisis on Russia today 05 December 2011 Alan Woods
Crisis of the euro is a crisis of capitalism – the only way out is revolution 28 October 2011 Fred Weston
A socialist alternative to the capitalist crisis! 22 July 2011 Der Funke - Austria
Europe in crisis: Italy and Belgium next 26 May 2011 Alan Woods
Europe in Crisis 02 December 2010 Alan Woods
Euro-demonstration in Brussels - the working class on the rise 01 October 2010 Erik Demeester in Brussels
European Day of Action: Protests and strikes all over Europe – “We are many, you are few” 30 September 2010 Alan Woods
EU’s Economic Partnership Agreements – the continuation of colonialism by other means 29 October 2009 Dan Read
The onslaught on the conditions of the European working class 02 April 2009
“Hot Spring” in Europe? 21 April 2008
Slovenia: European trade unions march for decent wages 09 April 2008
The high priests of the European Central Bank 04 April 2008
For a sliding scale of wages across Europe! - Statement of the IMT on the ETUC demonstration in Ljubljana 03 April 2008
What the EU is doing to the Visegrad Four 17 November 2006
What the EU is doing to the Visegrad Four 17 November 2006
European Union faces deepest crisis in its history 19 June 2005
Dutch people say “no” in EU referendum 02 June 2005
The referendum in France: Workers say "no" to capitalist Europe 30 May 2005
Militant – Capitalist Common Market – No! For a Socialist United States of Europe 28 January 2005 Ted Grant
No to the European Constitution! Yes to a Socialist Europe! 19 January 2005
European Elections in Germany: SPD stumbling from defeat to defeat 22 June 2004
European elections confirm polarisation between the classes 16 June 2004
Capitalist Europe and its lies 26 May 2004
EU Constitution debacle - The real nature of European Union exposed 16 December 2003