European Union

Title Created Date Author
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Is The Time Ripe For The Slogan: ‘The United States Of Europe’? 17 October 2017 Leon Trotsky
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The rise of the ''slave market'' in Libya and the hypocrisy of the EU 15 June 2017 Meisam Sharifi
Tory Brexit begins - fight for a socialist Europe! 30 March 2017 Socialist Appeal (Britain)
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The North of Ireland: Scandals, Brexit and spiralling crisis 26 January 2017 Ben Curry
May's Brexit fudge - "Putting off the evil day" 19 January 2017 Josh Holroyd
Britain: "Train-crash" Brexit and the tensions in Whitehall 06 January 2017 Rob Sewell, Editor of Socialist Appeal
Europe, America and imperialism 11 January 2003 A speech given by Alan Woods at the Rosa Luxemburg conference at the Humboldt University of Berlin