Title Created Date Author
Netherlands: the provincial elections and rise of the FvD 15 April 2019 Zowi Milanovi
Solidarity campaign for Rawal Asad gains momentum! 25 February 2019 2019-02-25 09:54:10
Netherlands: Revolutie paper launched 13 April 2018 Zowi Milanovi
Netherlands: IMT raises the banner of October 1917 worldwide 23 November 2017 Marxistische Studenten Utrecht
Dutch general elections: instability the name of the game 17 March 2017 Zowi Milanovi
Elections and rising instability in the Netherlands 14 March 2017 Hans Gerd Öfinger
Netherlands: The conviction of Geert Wilders 21 December 2016 editorial board of Vonk (Netherlands)
Netherlands: Referendum rejects EU-Ukraine treaty 15 April 2016 Zowi Milanovi
Occupations mark the beginning of a new wave of Dutch student struggle 03 March 2015 Zowi Milanovi
Dutch king declares the end of the welfare state 27 September 2013 Vonk (Netherlands)
The role of the monarchy in the Netherlands 13 May 2013 Zowi Milanovi
Dutch general elections: polarisation between left and right 17 September 2012 Vonk - Netherlands
Netherlands: Paper edition of Vonk is out! 23 May 2012 Vonk (Netherlands),
Netherlands: The collapse of the Rutte government 30 April 2012 Vonk (Netherlands),
Dutch cleaners win strike! 19 April 2012 Zowi Milanovi
Dutch cleaners’ strike – an example for the labour movement 07 February 2012 Zowi Milanovi
Netherlands: As austerity begins to bite, change is being prepared within labour movement 06 February 2012 Vonk (Netherlands),
Dutch students demonstrate against cuts in higher education 24 January 2011 Vonk (IMT Netherlands)
Dutch elections 2010: Success of the right highlights need for left to adopt a socialist programme 14 June 2010 Vonk (Netherlands)
New website of the Dutch Marxists 26 March 2010 Vonk (Netherlands)
The fall of the Dutch government and the crisis in Dutch politics 23 February 2010 Vonk (Netherlands)
[From HoV] Venezuela and the Netherlands 13 January 2010 Vonk Netherlands and Hands off Venezuela
New Marxist blog for the Netherlands 04 November 2009 Vonk - Netherlands
The situation in the Netherlands in 2008 24 September 2008
The Netherlands calls for a left-wing socialist programme 27 April 2006
Dutch people say “no” in EU referendum 03 June 2005 Erik De Bruyn in Belgium
The Netherlands: The end of the “polder” model 23 November 2004 Erik Demeester
Netherlands: Reawakening of the Dutch working class 04 October 2004
The Netherlands: Set on a stormy course 22 May 2002