Title Created Date Author
Britain: Bye bye Blairites! Now show the rest the door 18 February 2019 Adam Booth
Britain: student climate strikes demand radical change – we need a revolution 15 February 2019 Helena Nicholson, LSE Marxists
Britain: Brexit crisis will reshape political landscape forever 14 February 2019 Adam Booth
Britain: cancer and Capita – NHS outsourcing disaster deepens 12 February 2019 Dan Langley, Royal College of Nursing (personal capacity)
Packed London meeting says: “US-UK, hands off Venezuela!" 31 January 2019 Hands off Venezuela
Brexit: British establishment has lost control 30 January 2019 Adam Booth
Britain: the relevance of Clause IV – a reply to Owen Jones 28 January 2019 Rob Sewell
Britain: break the Brexit deadlock – force a general election! 22 January 2019 Adam Booth
Britain: May crushed and humiliated in Brexit vote 16 January 2019 Adam Booth
Britain: Marxist Student Federation conference 2019 – the fight for socialism today 11 January 2019 Marxist Student Federation (UK)
Britain: could there be a second EU referendum? 09 January 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
馬克思主義者為何反對移民管制? 02 January 2019 Niklas Albin Svensson
马克思主义者为何反对移民管制? 02 January 2019 Niklas Albin Svensson
Why Marxists oppose immigration controls 20 December 2018 Niklas Albin Svensson
Britain: May’s Pyrrhic victory 13 December 2018 Rob Sewell and Adam Booth
[Video] Alan Woods on Brexit: “Those who the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad” 12 December 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Britain’s Brexit circus: May premiership hanging by a thread 11 December 2018 Adam Booth
Britain: May government humiliated as Brexit vote approaches 07 December 2018 Adam Booth
The new British disorder 07 December 2018 Editorial for Socialist Appeal (UK)
Euro crisis: the beginning of the end? 03 December 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick