Title Created Date
South Africa: the SAFTU general strike and the massive class struggle ahead 26 April 2018
South Africa: SAFTU prepares for a massive general strike 17 April 2018
South Africa: meaningful land reform means fighting for socialism! 19 March 2018
South Africa: raising VAT is an attack on workers 02 March 2018
South Africa: Marxists reject middle-class illusions in Ramaphosa 21 February 2018
Sudáfrica: el caótico final de Jacob Zuma 16 February 2018
South Africa: the chaotic end of Jacob Zuma 14 February 2018
Zuma’s endgame plunges South Africa into political limbo 08 February 2018
South Africa: after Ramaphosa’s ANC victory, nothing has been solved 22 January 2018
South Africa: The class struggle is tearing the ANC apart 15 December 2017
South Africa: Turmoil in Steinhof and Naspers exposes crisis of the big capitalists 08 December 2017
Zuma's latest cabinet reshuffle and the dead-end of the ruling class 19 October 2017
South Africa: divisions in Democratic Alliance reflect crisis of the regime 13 October 2017
South Africa: The KPMG scandal and the hypocrisy of big business 04 October 2017
South Africa: The murder of Sindiso Magaqa and the rotten state of the ANC 13 September 2017
The Launch of SAFTU - the birth of a new federation in a flamable environment 26 April 2017
South Africa crisis: Open infighting erupts in ANC 03 April 2017
South Africa: Zuma's soft coup - a leap into the dark! 31 March 2017
South Africa: The ANC's flop on ''radical economic transformation'' 03 March 2017
The farce of “Radical Economic Transformation”- what is the behind Zuma's revolutionary phrase-mongering? 21 February 2017


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