Even before the National Election Council had announced the results of Sunday’s Constituent Assembly elections in Venezuela, the opposition and western imperialism had already declared there had been massive fraud and that they would not recognise the legitimacy of the Assembly. Since then, they have piled up pressure on all fronts. What is to be done?

The Venezuelan opposition, backed by Washington and Madrid, has launched an all out offensive to prevent Sunday's Constituent Assembly elections form going ahead. We stand firmly against this reactionary attempt which can only be defeated by revolutionary means.

Venezuela’s reactionary opposition had put all their weight behind a “consultation” which was supposed to show that an overwhelming majority of Venezuelans not only reject Maduro’s proposed Constituent Assembly, but also want the Army to intervene and the formation of a “national unity government”. Their mobilisation on the day was sizeable, but fell far short of their own expectations. The real news was the massive turnout, on the same day, for the official dry run of the Constituent Assembly elections, which was a show of strength for Chavismo

The Venezuelan opposition is stepping up its campaign with a “sovereign consultation” on Sunday July 16. The three questions asked in this consultation are about the legitimacy of the Constituent Assembly the government has called for, the need for the armed forces to intervene and remove the government and the formation of a so-called “government of national unity”. The opposition has announced that the consultation on July 16 will be the “zero hour” for a national, permanent and open ended “trancazo” (road blockades), until the “fall of the dictatorship”.

Oscar Alberto Perez

Le cose in Venezuela cambiano giornalmente, a volte di ora in ora. Ieri, 27 giugno, un ufficiale di polizia ha preso il controllo di un elicottero e ha attaccato gli edifici del Ministero dell’Interno, della Giustizia e della Corte Suprema, trasmettendo allo stesso tempo un appello perché altri si unissero per rovesciare il governo di Maduro.

Oscar Alberto Perez

Las cosas en Venezuela están cambiando día a día, a veces cada hora. Ayer, 27 de junio, un oficial de policía se hizo con un helicóptero y atacó los edificios del Ministerio del Interior y Justicia y de la Corte Suprema de Justicia, al mismo tiempo que hacía un llamamiento para que otros se unieran y derrocaran al gobierno de Maduro.

Oscar Alberto Perez

As coisas na Venezuela mudam de um dia para o outro; às vezes, de uma hora para outra. Dia 27 de junho, um oficial de polícia se apossou de um helicóptero e atacou os prédios do Ministério do Interior e Justiça e da Suprema Corte de Justiça, enquanto transmitia um apelo para que outros se juntassem a ele e derrubassem o governo de Maduro.

Oscar Alberto Perez

En la tarde de ayer, un grupo de efectivos del Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (CICPC), llevó a cabo una intentona golpista en la ciudad de Caracas, a fin de tratar de impulsar una sublevación general de un sector de las FANB contra el gobierno.

Oscar Alberto Perez

Things in Venezuela are changing by the day, sometimes by the hour. Yesterday, June 27, a police officer commandeered a helicopter and attacked the buildings of the Ministry of Interior and Justice and the Supreme Court of Justice, at the same time broadcasting an appeal for others to join in and overthrow the government of Maduro.

It is eighty-five days since the beginning of the current right-wing offensive backed by imperialism  against the Venezuelan government of President Maduro, which has left 85 people dead. So far the reactionary opposition has not achieved any of its aims. As its ability to gather large numbers of people in the streets has diminished, rioting has become increasingly more violent and deadly. The government has called Constituent Assembly elections on July 30, which will be a major test of its level of popular support. The opposition has declared it is in “disobedience” and has vowed to prevent the election from taking place. What comes next?

 A meeting in Brussels under the title "what is really hapenning in Venezuela" had a turn out of 85 people despite threats from Venezuelan opposition supporters to disrupt it. 

The calling of a National Constituent Assembly (ANC) has been issued in the middle of one of the worst offensives of the counter-revolution and imperialism in the last eighteen years. In this political situation, the convening of a Constituent Assembly has awoken important revolutionary aspirations among sections of the workers’ and people's vanguard, who are ready to fight to elect deputies to the Constituent Assembly who come from the rank and file and defend a programme of revolutionary demands.

Marea Socialista states that the main problem facing Venezuela is the authoritarian shift of the Maduro government. Starting from a wrong premise they reach conclusions which are completely mistaken and put them on the wrong side of the barricade. Let’s see.

La convocatoria a la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente se ha efectuado en medio de una de las peores ofensivas de la contrarrevolución y el imperialismo en estos 18 años. En ése marco político, la convocatoria a Constituyente a despertado aspiraciones revolucionarias importantes entre sectores de la vanguardia obrera y popular, que están dispuestos a dar la batalla política de cara a las elecciones del próximo 30 de Julio para posicionar dentro de la ANC a diputados de la base obrera y popular que defienden un programa de reivindicaciones revolucionarias, frente a la macoya burocrática que tratará de imponerse por todos los medios posibles, derivando ello en la imposición de un programa