Title Created Date Author
London: Marxist Student Federation conference says “Hands off Venezuela 18 February 2019 Marxist Student Federation
不要政變!不要戰爭!放手委內瑞拉! 14 February 2019 國際馬克思主義趨勢
NO COUP! NO WAR! HANDS OFF VENEZUELA! 12 February 2019 International Marxist Tendency
[Video] Alan Woods interview: Venezuela coup attempt and imperialist hypocrisy 07 February 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Chavistas march against imperialism: what is the next step in Trump's coup? 05 February 2019 Jorge Martin
Moroccan regime supports the coup in Venezuela: we say, let the people decide their own destinies! 04 February 2019 Communist League of Action (Morocco)
US tightens the noose on Venezuela: will the coup succeed? 31 January 2019 Jorge Martin
Packed London meeting says: “US-UK, hands off Venezuela!" 31 January 2019 Hands off Venezuela
Trump is going for regime change – we say: hands off Venezuela! 29 January 2019 Jorge Martin
[Audio] The US hand in Venezuela's coup: Hands off Venezuela interview 28 January 2019 This Is Hell!
[Video] Oppose the imperialist coup d'état in Venezuela! 25 January 2019 Socialist Appeal (UK)
Venezuela: coup in progress, Guaidó proclaims himself president 24 January 2019 Lucha de Clases (Venezuela)
Washington ups the stakes in ongoing attempt to overthrow Venezuelan government 23 January 2019 Jorge Martin
Washington moves towards “regime change” in Venezuela 13 January 2019 Jorge Martin
Venezuelan Communist Party Central Committee member assassinated 05 November 2018 Jorge Martin
Failed terrorist attack against Venezuelan president Maduro 06 August 2018 Jorge Martin
Venezuela on the verge of a social explosion? 20 July 2018 Jorge Martin
Venezuela after the elections: more concessions to the capitalists, while economic crisis worsens 11 June 2018 Jorge Martin
[Audio] Venezuela: the Struggle Continues 11 June 2018 In Defence of Marxism
[Audio] Venezuela: "What has failed is not socialism, but attempts to regulate capitalism." 11 June 2018 In Defence of Marxism