Title Created Date Author
France: presidential smoke and mirrors 12 December 2018 Révolution
法国黄背心运动进入第四幕—将抗争带向革命吧! 12 December 2018 Joe Attard and Jorge Martin
法國黃背心運動進入第四幕—將抗爭帶向革命吧! 11 December 2018 Joe Attard and Jorge Martin
France: the yellow vests, Act IV – turn the movement into a revolution! 10 December 2018 Joe Attard and Jorge Martin
France: striking students of Nanterre declare solidarity with yellow vests! 10 December 2018 Nanterre Marxists
France: at the threshold of a revolutionary crisis 10 December 2018 Révolution
法国:“黄背心”运动、列宁与全国总工会的“领导” 08 December 2018 IMT法国支部
法國:“黃背心”運動、列寧與全國總工會的“領導” 08 December 2018 IMT法國支部
法国黄背心运动:马克龙首次让步——让我们加强斗争! 08 December 2018 IMT法国支部
法國黃背心運動:馬克龍首次讓步——讓我們加強鬥爭! 08 December 2018 IMT法國支部
France: student assembly passes motion supporting yellow vests in fight against Macron! 07 December 2018 Révolution
France: the yellow vests must go further! 05 December 2018 Révolution
France in a “state of insurrection” as the yellow vests advance 04 December 2018 Joe Attard
Euro crisis: the beginning of the end? 03 December 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
France: the yellow vests – how to overthrow the government? 30 November 2018 Révolution and K. Andriamamonjy
France: the yellow vests, Lenin and the leadership of the CGT 20 November 2018 Révolution
France: the massacre of 17 October 1961 17 October 2018 Révolution (France)
Support postal workers of Hauts-de-Seine 27 August 2018 Strike committee of the postal workers of the Hauts-de-Seine SUD Poste 92
France: the railway workers' strike and the ‘convergence of struggles’ 12 April 2018 Révolution
France: Marxist students arrested at University of Nanterre 10 April 2018 Révolution
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