Title Created Date Author
France: Macron's “concessions” are all hot air 30 April 2019 Joe Attard
France: Notre Dame fire – capitalism destroying our historical heritage 18 April 2019 Fred Weston
France: mobilise against the judicial repression of the yellow vests! 15 March 2019 Guillaume E.
More international solidarity for Rawal Asad! 05 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
France: for a workers' government! 06 February 2019 Révolution (editorial)
France: Macron on the brink – prepare a general strike! 07 January 2019 Jérôme Métellus
[Video] France: Macron stripped of his liberal halo 18 December 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
法国:五星期过后,黄背心运动有在退潮吗? 18 December 2018 Jorge Martin
法國:五星期過後,黃背心運動有在退潮嗎? 18 December 2018 Jorge Martin
France: after five weeks of protests, whither the yellow vests? 17 December 2018 Jorge Martin
France: presidential smoke and mirrors 12 December 2018 Révolution
法国黄背心运动进入第四幕—将抗争带向革命吧! 12 December 2018 Joe Attard and Jorge Martin
法國黃背心運動進入第四幕—將抗爭帶向革命吧! 11 December 2018 Joe Attard and Jorge Martin
France: the yellow vests, Act IV – turn the movement into a revolution! 10 December 2018 Joe Attard and Jorge Martin
France: striking students of Nanterre declare solidarity with yellow vests! 10 December 2018 Nanterre Marxists
France: at the threshold of a revolutionary crisis 10 December 2018 Révolution
法国:“黄背心”运动、列宁与全国总工会的“领导” 08 December 2018 IMT法国支部
法國:“黃背心”運動、列寧與全國總工會的“領導” 08 December 2018 IMT法國支部
法国黄背心运动:马克龙首次让步——让我们加强斗争! 08 December 2018 IMT法国支部
法國黃背心運動:馬克龍首次讓步——讓我們加強鬥爭! 08 December 2018 IMT法國支部
France: student assembly passes motion supporting yellow vests in fight against Macron! 07 December 2018 Révolution
France: the yellow vests must go further! 05 December 2018 Révolution
France in a “state of insurrection” as the yellow vests advance 04 December 2018 Joe Attard
Euro crisis: the beginning of the end? 03 December 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
France: the yellow vests – how to overthrow the government? 30 November 2018 Révolution and K. Andriamamonjy
France: the yellow vests, Lenin and the leadership of the CGT 20 November 2018 Révolution
France: the massacre of 17 October 1961 17 October 2018 Révolution (France)
Support postal workers of Hauts-de-Seine 27 August 2018 Strike committee of the postal workers of the Hauts-de-Seine SUD Poste 92
France: the railway workers' strike and the ‘convergence of struggles’ 12 April 2018 Révolution
France: Marxist students arrested at University of Nanterre 10 April 2018 Révolution
France: resistance to Macron’s public-sector cuts revives memory of May ‘68 28 March 2018 Joe Attard
France in struggle as rail workers prepare for strike 27 March 2018 Révolution
France: Macron declares war on the unemployed 12 February 2018 Hubert Prévaud
Wauquiez, Le Pen, and the crisis of the French right 12 January 2018 Dora Dimitrova; ; translator: Dora Dimitrova
France: The fight against Macron and the fiction of "trade union independence" 03 October 2017 Jérôme Métellus in Paris
France: Macron loses his shine as he prepares to attack workers 05 September 2017 Stephen Agnew
Après le deuxième tour des législatives, il faut préparer la contre-offensive 28 June 2017 Révolution
France : After the second round of parliamentary elections, organise the counter-offensive 19 June 2017 Révolution Editorial Board, Paris
La vittoria apparente del macronismo 14 June 2017 Révolution
Victoire en trompe-l’œil du macronisme 12 June 2017 Révolution
France: The optical illusion of the Macron victory 12 June 2017 Révolution Editorial Board
Frankrijk: de bankier wint – Nu moet ‘la France Insoumise ‘ zich mobiliseren voor de wetgevende verkiezingen! 16 May 2017 Révolution
Γαλλία: Ο εκπρόσωπος των τραπεζιτών νίκησε – Και τώρα; 11 May 2017 Révolution
Vittoria delle banche, crescita del Front National. “Francia ribelle” si deve mobilitare per le legislative! 10 May 2017 Révolution
Sieg der Banken, Aufstieg des FN – Für eine Massenmobilisierung der „France-Insoumis“! 10 May 2017 Révolution
France: The banker wins - Now 'Rebellious France' must mobilise! 08 May 2017 Révolution - France
Victoire des banques, progression du FN – Mobilisation générale des « insoumis » pour les législatives ! 08 May 2017 Révolution
Francia: Mélenchon y La Francia Insumisa dicen NO al banquero 04 May 2017 Victor Murray
Macron : « en marche » vers la régression sociale 04 May 2017 Jérôme Métellus
France: Melenchon and the ‘Rebellious France’ say NO to the banker 03 May 2017 Victor Murray