Title Created Date Author
Brazil: general strike highlights Bolsonaro's weakness 15 June 2019 Jorge Martin
Brazil: leaked conversations reveal legal stitch-up against Lula 11 June 2019 Esquerda Marxista
Brazil: the political situation after 15 May 22 May 2019 Esquerda Marxista
15 May: the slogan “Bolsonaro Out” triumphant on streets of Brazil 17 May 2019 Alex Minoru
Brazil: tsunami against education cuts shows Bolsonaro government can be brought down 16 May 2019 Jorge Martin
Brazil: who ordered the murder of Marielle? 26 March 2019 Flávio Almeida Reis
Brazil: Bolsonaro, the failure of the PT and the prospects for renewed class struggle 20 March 2019 Edited by Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
More international solidarity for Rawal Asad! 05 March 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Solidarity campaign for Rawal Asad gains momentum! 25 February 2019 2019-02-25 09:54:10
The world is watching: continued solidarity for jailed comrade in Pakistan 22 February 2019 In Defence of Marxism
International solidarity campaign for Rawal Asad continues 21 February 2019 In Defence of Marxism
Brazil: organise the resistance against the Bolsonaro government! 31 October 2018 Esquerda Marxista
[Video] How did Bolsonaro win the Brazilian elections? 30 October 2018 In Defence of Marxism
Brazil: how could a far-right demagogue win the election? 29 October 2018 Jorge Martin
Brazilian elections: the line of defeat, and the line of victory 26 October 2018 Serge Goulart
Brazilian elections: a class position on the second round 09 October 2018 Esquerda Marxista
Brazil: how to fight Bolsonaro 05 October 2018 Lucy Dias
Brazilian elections 2018: what to do in the first round 05 October 2018 Esquerda Marxista
Brazil: the masses take to the streets against Bolsonaro 05 October 2018 Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left)
Brazil: Lula’s imprisonment - crisis at the top, resistance, and our tasks 07 April 2018 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Brazil: Lula, elections and class struggle in 2018 29 January 2018 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Lançamento no Rio de Janeiro encerra visita de Alan Woods ao Brasil 13 October 2017 Esquerda Marxista
Alan Woods' Latin America tour goes from strength to strength in Brazil! 12 October 2017 Esquerda Marxista
Brazil: The sentencing of Lula and the Car Wash scandal 13 July 2017 Esquerda Marxista
Brazil: The bourgeoisie are divided - It is time to move forward! 20 June 2017 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Brazil: a divided bourgeoisie faces the rising workers' struggle 02 June 2017 Alex Minoru
Brasil: burguesia dividida e ascensão da luta dos trabalhadores 02 June 2017 Alex Minoru
Interview: Why the Brazilian Marxists joined the Socialism and Liberty Party 10 May 2017 Ben Gliniecki
General strike in Brazil: Workers fight back against corrupt Temer government 01 May 2017 Victor Murray
Brésil : à la veille d’une grève générale, des scandales de corruption affaiblissent le gouvernement Temer 28 April 2017 Ben Gliniecki
Brasil: los escándalos de corrupción debilitan al presidente Temer en vísperas de una huelga general 21 April 2017 Ben Gliniecki
Brazil: corruption scandals weaken Temer government on the eve of a general strike 20 April 2017 Ben Gliniecki
Liberdade e Luta: the development of a revolutionary mood in Brazil 19 April 2017 Ben Gliniecki
Brazil: PSOL National Executive approves entry of Marxist Left 23 February 2017 Serge Goulart
Brazil: In defense of democratic and trade union freedoms and workers' rights 09 February 2017 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Brazil: Marxist Candidates Against the System in the 2016 Municipal Elections 01 October 2016 Alex Minoru
Brazil: After impeachment, what are the prospects? 02 September 2016 Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left)
Brazil: #FORATEMER occupies the streets of Sao Paulo 16 May 2016 In Defence of Marxism
Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff – the Brazilian ruling class on the warpath 12 May 2016 Fred Weston
On May 1st in Brazil 12 May 2016 Esquerda Marxista
Brazilian impeachment unleashes forces the ruling class will regret 20 April 2016 Serge Goulart
Brazil: Impeachment of Dilma opens up new period of class struggle 18 April 2016 Fred Weston in Brazil
Brazil: Unity in defence of workers’ rights and conquests! Class independence and struggle! 01 April 2016 Esquerda Marxista (IMT Brazil)
Brazil: Lula's arrest - statement of the Marxist Left 09 March 2016 Esquerda Marxista
Brazil: Why has Cunha accepted the request for Dilma's impeachment? 03 December 2015 Esquerda Marxista
Brazil: The struggle is for the abolition of the existing order 19 October 2015 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Brazil: Marxist Left asks to join PSOL 02 October 2015 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Brazilian social movements reject police repression in Mexico 03 September 2015 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Brazil: PT congress, a picture of the party's bankruptcy 02 July 2015 Esquerda Marxista - Brazil
Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left) decides to leave the PT and fight for a left front 05 May 2015 Esquerda Marxista