Title Created Date Author
In Memory of Alberto Arregui – a tragic loss 17 January 2019 Alan Woods
Solidarity with Catalan independence activists: stop the repression! 17 January 2019 International Marxist Tendency
The Catalan question: new leadership is needed 27 December 2018 Arturo Rodríguez (Revolució)
Spain: thousands march in Andalusia against far-right electoral gains 04 December 2018 Jorge Martin
Spain's “justice”: where an activist is a terrorist and a terrorist is not 08 November 2018 Jorge Martin
Catalan independence movement on trial: for a united republican front against repression! 05 November 2018 Revolució and Lucha de Clases
Mass demonstrations mark anniversary of Catalan independence referendum 03 October 2018 Jorge Martin
Of Marx, mice and Alberto Garzón: part two 26 September 2018 Alberto Arregui (Federal Coordinating Committee of United left) and Alan Woods
Of Marx, mice and Alberto Garzón: part one 25 September 2018 Alberto Arregui (Federal Coordinating Committee of United left) and Alan Woods
One year after the Catalan “Republican October”: a balance sheet and some conclusions 20 September 2018 Jordi Martorell – REVOLUCIÓ
Catalonia: to achieve the republic, we must make the revolution! 11 September 2018 Revolució
International Marxist Tendency World Congress demands release of Catalan political prisoners 02 August 2018 In Defence of Marxism
The migrant crisis and Fortress Europe 22 June 2018 Joan Claravall
Spain: Rajoy ousted – defeat his policies through mass struggle 01 June 2018 Jorge Martin
Spain: corruption-ridden, right-wing government faces motion of no-confidence 30 May 2018 Jorge Martin
Spanish rapper Valtonyc goes into exile to avoid jail sentence for his opinions 24 May 2018 Jorge Martin
La Manada affair reveals the rotten character of the Spanish state 30 April 2018 Arturo Rodríguez
Catalonia: huge march in Barcelona to demand freedom for political prisoners 16 April 2018 Jorge Martin
Catalonia: who's afraid of the CDRs? 09 April 2018 Jorge Martin
Germany rejects Puigdemont extradition for rebellion: a blow to the Spanish regime 06 April 2018 Jorge Martin