Title Created Date Author
Euro crisis: the beginning of the end? 03 December 2018 Jack Halinski-Fitzpatrick
Is Italy turning to the right? The realm of truth and of fiction 13 November 2018 Roberto Sarti
Italian debt crisis haunts Europe 13 November 2018 Fiona Lali
Italian crisis deepens and threatens to engulf Europe 28 June 2018 Fred Weston
Italy: Five Stars Movement and the League form a government - The mask begins to fall 07 June 2018 Rivoluzione
Italy: the endless crisis of a rotten system! 30 May 2018 Sinistra Classe Rivoluzione
Italian elections: an earthquake whose lessons have not been learned – speech to the CGIL National Committee 13 March 2018 Mario Iavazzi, member of the CGIL national committee
Elecciones italianas: el régimen sacudido hasta sus cimientos 09 March 2018 Fred Weston
Italian elections: establishment shaken to its foundations 07 March 2018 Fred Weston
Italian Marxists are standing in 4 March elections 23 February 2018 Fred Weston
“We are still here” – Red Night of the Revolution in Italy: a huge success! 31 October 2017 v
Italy: The Red Night of the Revolution – in Naples, Saturday 28 October 25 October 2017 Sinistra Classe Rivoluzione
Repubblica catalana: epilogo rimandato 13 October 2017 Jorge Martin
Italy on the Brink of Revolution - Lessons from the 70’s 22 September 2017
Violence against women – an international movement in search of revolution 06 March 2017 Women’s Commission of Sinistra Classe Rivoluzione, Italian section of the IMT
Crisis and instability in Italy 02 February 2017 Alex Minoru
The congress of the Italian section of the IMT – Marxists in step with the new era 02 February 2017 Sinistra, Classe e Rivoluzione
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