Title Created Date Author
中国政府加重打压工人和学生! 16 November 2018
中國政府加重打壓工人和學生! 16 November 2018
Chinese authorities increase crackdown on workers and students 14 November 2018 Zhan Dou Zhe
Britain: Glasgow council workers strike for equality 25 October 2018 Amy Dean and Shaun Morris
Brazil: the masses take to the streets against Bolsonaro 05 October 2018 Esquerda Marxista (Marxist Left)
Nigerian workers begin struggle for a new minimum wage 01 October 2018
China: Marxist Society faces closure for supporting striking workers 25 September 2018 Zhan Dou Zhe
China: JASIC workers’ struggle reveals rising class tensions 17 September 2018 Parson Young and Zhan Dou Zhe
Pakistan: 14 Coal Miners die as new Parliament takes oath 14 August 2018
Why we fight for workers’ control and management 06 July 2018 Rob Sewell, editor of Socialist Appeal
[Video] IMTV: students and workers – unite and fight! 27 June 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
中国全国罢工趋势凸显基层压力 23 June 2018 詹豆哲
Cross-country strikes in China reveal pressure from below 20 June 2018 Zhan Dou Zhe
Strike at York University Enters Critical Stage 08 June 2018 Farshad Azadian
The Dagenham machinists strike and the struggle for equality 08 June 2018 Natasha Sorrell
Lenin on May Day in 1904 01 May 2018 V. I. Lenin
South Africa: the SAFTU general strike and the massive class struggle ahead 26 April 2018 Ben Morken
USA: teachers fight back against austerity 19 April 2018 Tom Trottier
South Africa: SAFTU prepares for a massive general strike 17 April 2018 Ben Morken
France: the railway workers' strike and the ‘convergence of struggles’ 12 April 2018 Révolution
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