Title Created Date Author
Pakistan: Pashtun movement (PTM) shakes the status quo! 06 April 2018 Adam Pal
Victory for Pepsi-Cola workers in Faisalabad, Pakistan 05 February 2018 Red Workers Front
Successful Congress of Pakistan Marxists – day two 21 January 2018 IMT correspondent in Lahore
Successful Congress of Pakistan Marxists 20 January 2018 IMT correspondent in Lahore
How I Remember Munnu Bhai (1933-2018) 19 January 2018 Alan Woods
Kashmir: Founding Convention of Progressive Youth Alliance. A new beginning. 25 August 2017 Progressive Youth Alliance, Kashmir
Pakistan: Young revolutionaries keep the struggle of Mashal Khan alive 20 May 2017 Progressive Youth Alliance
یوتھ کنونشن لاہور: سوشلسٹ انقلاب ہی مشعل کے خون کا حقیقی بدلہ ہے! 26 April 2017 |رپورٹ: پروگریسو یوتھ الائنس، لاہور|
کیا مشال خان کی شہادت رائیگاں چلی گئی؟ 26 April 2017 |تحریر: پارس جان|
Pakistan: Students vow to carry forward the struggle of Mashal Khan 26 April 2017 Progressive Youth Alliance, Lahore
Der Mord an Mashal Khan – Stellungnahme der International Marxist Tendency (IMT) 25 April 2017 Alan Woods
Pakistán: El asesinato de Mashal Jan – Declaración de la CMI 21 April 2017 Alan Woods
L’omicidio di Mashal Khan – La dichiarazione della Tendenza Marxista Internazionale 21 April 2017 In Defence of Marxism
Avenge Mashal Khan! Support the PYA! 20 April 2017 In Defence of Marxism
The murder of Mashal Khan - A statement of the IMT 19 April 2017 Alan Woods
Pakistan: Planned student lynching leads to backlash against fundamentalism 18 April 2017 Asfandyar Shinwari, Peshawar University
Pakistan: The ever growing power of China 02 March 2017 Adam Pal
Pakistan: Marxist School Winter 2017 28 February 2017
Pakistan: revolutionary youth Convention in Multan! 23 February 2017 Progressive Youth Alliance - Multan
Pakistan Factory Fire: 2 workers killed, 23 injured 16 February 2017 Worker Nama
Pakistan: PIA martyrs remembered with protests against privatization 10 February 2017 Worker Nama
2 February: First Anniversary of Martyrs of Pakistan International Airlines 31 January 2017 Valeed Khan
Pakistan: Fire at Ship breaking yard, 200 deaths feared 04 November 2016 Worker Nama
Pakistan: How to fight Terrorism? 27 October 2016 Adam Pal
Kashmir: A Valley in Revolt 22 September 2016 Yasir Irshad
Marxist Summer School in Kashmir - An outstandig success 19 August 2016 Progressive Youth Alliance
Pakistan: Protests continue despite high temperatures 20 May 2016 IMT Pakistan
Pakistan: School teachers protest against privatization 18 May 2016 IMT Pakistan
Pakistan: 38th Anniversary of Afghanistan’s "Saur revolution" commemorated in Baluchistan University 29 April 2016 Baloch Student Organisation (Pajjar)
Pakistan: May Day edition of Worker Nama is out! 26 April 2016 Worker Nama (Pakistan)
Pakistan: Brutal attack on Young Doctors by Police in Quetta 08 April 2016 Dr. Ejaz Ayub
Pakistan: When terrorism becomes a strategic asset! 28 March 2016 Adam Pal
Pakistan: Pakistan International Airlines - the struggle continues 24 March 2016 Rob Sewell
Pakistan: My visit to Dickensian times: the rail engine works 23 March 2016 Rob Sewell
Rob Sewell speaks to young doctors and students in Lahore 22 March 2016 In Defence of Marxism
Pakistan IMT Co-ordinating Committee meets 22 March 2016 Valeed A. Khan
Unity Conference of the IMT in Pakistan - Report of day two 20 March 2016 Valeed A. Khan
Unity Conference of the IMT in Pakistan - Report of day one 19 March 2016 Valeed A. Khan
Pakistan: Alan Woods speaks on Modern Science & Philosophy at University of Central Punjab in Lahore 17 March 2016 IMT Pakistan
Pakistan: Solidarity with Indian JNU students across Pakistan 25 February 2016 Progressive Youth Alliance - Pakistan
Pakistan: Unilever contract workers attacked by management in Sheikhupura strike - four injured 25 February 2016 PTUDC
Pakistan: Lessons of the PIA strike 10 February 2016 Lal Khan
Pakistan: PIA strike against privatization – intervention of the PTUDC 09 February 2016 PTUDC
Pakistan: Strike in PIA enters 7th day - solidarity required! 08 February 2016 Changez Malik (Joint Secretary PTUDC)
Pakistan: PIA strike - Daring battle in the class war 03 February 2016 Lal Khan
Pakistan: PIA - fighting privatisation 03 February 2016 Lal Khan
PTUDC condemns the violent attacks by the state against protesting PIA workers! 03 February 2016 PTUDC Sialkot
Pakistan’s relentless terrorist menace 22 January 2016 Lal Khan
Pakistan: Student unions - Lifting the ban? 19 January 2016 Lal Khan
India and Pakistan: The hawks strike back 06 January 2016 Lal Khan