Title Created Date
Protests in southern Iraq rock the rotten establishment 29 July 2018
Jordan: Mass movement brings down prime minister 06 June 2018
Election in Iraq reveals deep seated anger against the Establishment 06 June 2018
[Video] IMTV: Israel and Palestine – a Marxist perspective 31 May 2018
[Video] Syrian chemical attacks and imperialist cynicism 11 April 2018
[Video] Imperialism and crisis in the Middle East 06 April 2018
Protests by restless workers, students and farmers spring up across Iran 13 March 2018
Syria: the barbarism of war and imperialist hypocrisy 27 February 2018
La juventud tunecina se levanta nuevamente contra la austeridad 25 January 2018
[Audio] Iran in revolt! 24 January 2018
Trump y el imperialismo occidental: ¡sacad vuestras manos de las protestas iraníes! 17 January 2018
Tunisian youth rises up against austerity again 11 January 2018
After the defeat of Islamic State: is peace approaching in the Middle East? 11 December 2017
USA: Trump's Jerusalem declaration – the real face of capitalism 08 December 2017
Egypt’s deadliest terror attack lays bare failures of the regime 28 November 2017
What is behind the Qatar crisis? 12 July 2017
Estado Islâmico prestes a ser derrotado enquanto os imperialistas se preparam para a guerra 07 June 2017
El Isis a punto de ser derrotado mientras los imperialistas se preparan para la guerra 30 May 2017
Isis close to defeat as imperialists prepare for war 25 May 2017
[Video] Turbulence and instability - The state of World Capitalism 26 January 2017
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