Title Created Date Author
Book review: Nelson at Naples – how a British ‘hero’ helped drown a revolution in blood 02 January 2019 Josh Holroyd
Mexico: Alan Woods discusses English Revolution at the Leon Trotsky Museum 26 November 2018 La Izquierda Socialista
November 1918: how occupied Belgium was liberated by German revolutionary soldiers 15 November 2018
The ideological roots of the Indonesian Communist Party’s defeat in 1965: part three – the Special Bureau and the Palace Revolution 07 November 2018 Ted Sprague
Origins of Trotskyism 06 September 2018 Rob Sewell
Scotland: John Maclean – speech from the dock 09 May 2018 Socialist Appeal (UK)
The Sexual Revolution in Russia 02 May 2018 Dr Grigory Batkis, Lecturer at the Social Hygiene Institute at the University of Moscow (1923)
Lenin on May Day in 1904 01 May 2018 V. I. Lenin
Afghan Saur Revolution 1978: what it achieved, how it was crushed 27 April 2018 Adnan Khan
Bolshevik decriminalisation of homosexuality – intentional or oversight? 18 April 2018 Fred Weston
The death of Martin Luther King 04 April 2018 Roland Sheppard
New edition of Trotsky's autobiography, ‘My Life’ – intro by Alan Woods 22 March 2018 Wellred Books
Austria: “Let’s make it like in Russia” – 100 years since the January 1918 general strike 23 January 2018 Gernot Trausmuth
Canada's failed revolution: the rebellions of 1837-1838 16 November 2017 Julien Arseneau
My Life 21 August 2017 Leon Trotsky
Gandhi: the myths behind the Mahatma 15 August 2017 Ravi Mistry
45 years since the 1972 Quebec general strike 05 July 2017 Hélène Bissonnette
1977-2017: 40 años de “Democracia” – Historia de una gran estafa 03 July 2017 David Rey
100 Years Since Vimy Ridge: Canada’s ‘founding myth’ Obscures Reality of Imperialist War 25 April 2017 Luke Harris
The French Revolution of May 1968 02 May 2008 Alan Woods

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