Title Created Date
New edition of Trotsky's autobiography, ‘My Life’ – intro by Alan Woods 22 March 2018
Kronstadt and Petrograd in 1917: the memoirs of Fyodor Raskolnikov 16 March 2018
Alan Woods' Art and Class Struggle published in Farsi 12 March 2018
‘Lost Connections’ review: the material basis of depression 13 February 2018
'Capitalist Realism' and the errors of academic Marxism 10 January 2018
Trotsky's “Stalin” launched in the Basque country 30 November 2017
Crónica y vídeo del acto de presentación del "Stalin" de Trotsky en Vitoria-Gasteiz 30 November 2017
Catalunya: Conmemoración de la Revolución Rusa y presentación del “Stalin” de Trotsky, con Alan Woods, Pelai Pagès y Vidal Aragonés. 30 November 2017
Two successful events launch Trotsky's “Stalin” in Madrid 29 November 2017
Acto de presentación del "Stalin" de Trotsky en Euskadi, con Alan Woods 29 November 2017
Animado acto en la Complutense de conmemoración de la Revolución Rusa y presentación del "Stalin", de Trotsky 29 November 2017
Exitosa presentación del Stalin de Trotsky en Madrid 28 November 2017
“Stalin”, de Trotsky: Presentación en Madrid con Alan Woods 24 November 2017
Amplia cobertura del lanzamiento de la edición mexicana del “Stalin” de Trotsky 14 November 2017
Presentación de Libro Stalin en la Casa Museo León Trotsky 14 November 2017
Mexican edition of Trotsky's Stalin launched at the Leon Trotsky House Museum 14 November 2017
Broad media coverage of the launch of the Mexican edition of Trotsky's Stalin 14 November 2017
Portrait of my killer: El País review of Stalin biography 02 November 2017
New edition of Trotsky's biography of Stalin reviewed in widest circulated Spanish paper 30 October 2017
My Life 21 August 2017
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