- the new source of Marxist literature in Sweden!

Just in time for Christmas, IMT Sweden is pround to announce the launch of its new web shop. will be a great source of Marxist books, pamphlets, pins, stickers, clothes and much more! Visit us today to check out our latest offers. We accept card and bank payments. Order now to get your delivery before Christmas.

The bookshop wil have a wide variety of books available for sale from the beginning. But we will be adding more literature in the course of the coming year. Of course you can also get a subscription on the paper of the Swedish Marxists – Revolution – buy single issues of the paper, or choose from a vast range of pamphlets.

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During the coming days, more t-shirts, stickers and pins will be added to the shop – and soon also more books! We will also add a section of used books.

We will also introduce a series of offers and sales on books written by Lenin, Trotsky as well as other important Marxist authors.

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About the publishing house Stormklockan

Events around the world are moving at a constantly increasing speed. As the biggest crisis in the history of capitalism deepens the prospects for revolution also increase. In order for humanity to advance, the need for a scientific understanding of the international situation has never been greater. We are convinced that this understanding can only be obtained via the ideas of Marxism. Our goal is to help as many as possible to get a clear perception of revolutionary ideas by increasing our publishing of Marxist literature to keep pace with the development.

For those who wish to get a serious grasp of Marxist theory, there is no better place to start than with the great classics of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Unfortunately it is not very easy to find these books, which means that one is often forced to rely on online reading or searching through antique bookshops.

To remedy this shortage, Revolution has decided to launch the new publishing house Stormklockan. We will publish both old classical Marxist literature as well as texts that have never before been translated to Swedish.

It has been a long while since a thorough introduction to the Marxist theory was last published in Swedish, hence our first project will be the publication of What is Marxism? which is due to be released in the first half of 2017. This book, written by two leading Marxist theoreticians: Alan Woods and Rob Sewell, has recently been translated into Swedish. It has become a best-seller of the international publishing house Wellred Books, and we believe that it will be just as successful in Swedish.

With the launching of our web shop in 2016, we hope to build a reputation as one of the most trusted sources of Marxist literature, both classic and contemporary.