Stop repression against left activists in Syria!

We publish this appeal that we received from Syrian left-wing activists. The appeal calls for clarification of the whereabouts of several left-wing activists that have disappeared in the last months and a release of all those imprisoned. We encourage our readers to support their appeal and write letters of protests.

Three months ago, five activists of the Communist Labor Party in Syria (Abbas Ibrahim Abbas, Hassan Kazemi, Tawfik Omran, Ghassan Hassan, Ahmed Inihawi) were arrested by the secret police in the province of Hama. The reasons for their arrest are unknown! The worst is that the place of detention is still unknown, too!

Their family (wives, sons and brothers) are trying to find out what happened with them. The state bodies are not capable of reassuring them of their whereabouts, lives and health. They are not even capable of making an effort to show an interest in finding those Syrian nationals who have been arrested, or even to answer whether they are still on home soil or not.

What kind of situation is this country going through? Is it governed by law? Would any other nation allow this on its territory?

A week ago, the activist Mohammed Musa was arrested. He is the first secretary of the leftist Kurdish party in Syria. The pretext for his arrest was that he needed to complete the his sentence. The arrest was because of his political affiliation and not for any other reason!

Prior to this, on 28 July, Muhannad al-Hasani was arrested, after repeated calls, and referred to the judiciary under the charge of ‘weakening the national sentiment’. In reality he has been arrested for being an activist in the defense of human rights.

We condemn political arrests in general but in particular the arrests happening on the basis of martial law.

We express our deep concern at the growing number of arrests and we declare our complete solidarity with all detained citizens for their opinions, political affiliations or peaceful activities.

We demand that the state observe full transparency and respect for civil law in dealing with them and that their rights are fully upheld including the right of their relatives to visit them and to check on their conditions, and the causes of their detention.

We call for their immediate release without further delay, and the suspension of martial law and the emergency law

Damascus on 22/8/2009

Signed by:

Communist Labor Party (Syria)

Communist Syrian Party (Political Office)

Kurdish Democracy Party

Left Kurdish Party

Democratic Marxist Assembly

Democratic Arabic Socialist United Party

Dr. Abd Alaziz Alkhair

Dr Ahmed Faez Alfwaz

Moustafa Sakher

Please send messages of protest to your respective Syrian embassy (see ) and a copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .